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No, thanks with all those pics and third I will be floored because he just wage. Screams Patriot to me like the accuracy the decision-making like the stuff that they value at the position that we know like, you know Belichick there was 91 or 2001 or 2011. I think you still values that stuff. The one thing that might give me some pause is the hand size and I know that sounds silly off and the first people to make fun of hand size Twitter but some dining experience. It's an issue for December and Foxboro. Like it just is like and you look at okay been playing and the SEC not a ton of weather games, but you throw on that Kentucky game that was in a monsoon. He couldn't throw the ball like so that there is one of those instances where you know, when I talk about hands as I use the example from last year Brett Rypien and Drew walked both of whom had not his hands while you put on their film and with lock he's thrown in whether there are there are a ton of fumbles in dog. Market you put on ripping. He can't throw in snow fumbles in the park yet. There are times when it matters and I think that Kentucky Governors is an example of somebody that with smaller hands it does factor into the equation. So maybe if they do look at that that might be the one thing they might say. Yeah, I don't know about that. Otherwise, I think he's a patriot the weird part about it is is that from is in my mind at least really good at the ball handling thing. I you know, I think the ball off and play-action Jet sweeps all that kind of stuff. What put Jake Fromm on everybody's radar what he was playing as a freshman it was that little ball flip at the pocket right truck back home of the ball and was like, oh my God, this is crazy. This so cool. You don't get to do that. If you don't have ball skills. I mean, yeah it is. It is interesting that you know that it's a great point that you brought it up because it is we don't really account for the weather and for the elements as nearly as much as Bill Belichick does sometimes bad guy. It's all over it when comes to that type of like birth. Swear to God I there are times when I fancied myself a bit of weather nerd like I'm looking at my bookmarks right now on my my Google Chrome and I've got all sorts of weather like sites and forums and stuff like that. I swear I'll go into the New England one before Patriots game and there's like a counselor. I'm like, that's Belichick right whether you go east cuz he's always with them meteorologist. He knows weather and wind direction and stuff. Yeah. I'm sure it matters because a game last year. I think it was the Giants Thursday night or where the forecast said. It was supposed to be like a monsoon..

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