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Genuinely like Trump's policies, but dislike him personally on such a level that they cannot bring themselves to vote. For him that Sean trendy, however, Meyer and Welcome to double Yes, while trendy wrote while a trendy wrote is true, you right? There's also an opposite reaction. Can you please explain for our listeners here in Chicago? Well, the opposite reaction is Republican that admit that they personally despised the man. What they're voting for him anyway, because they like his policies they consider Trump as the only alternative between basically in America that is slipping away. And will go towards socialism will go towards the loony left where values voters will even have a voice anymore. And Trump is their last hope, even though many of them just don't like the way he comports himself. Do you think that the majority of Republicans have that dystopian view of the future under Joe buying that we will disintegrate in the chaos and socialism or worse? Absolutely so much so that I have been bombarded with Republicans and Christian Republicans sending out massive emails saying that don't pay attention to the personality only pay attention to the issues that seems to be the mantra. And in fact, the other mantra Here is your house is on fire. Do you care if the fireman's a jerk because they realized that that they believe this is the final stand and that our country is going towards Socialism. Liberalism. You know, the end of, you know, values, traditional Christian values. And there is such a great year. If Christians you mentioned religious Americans who communicated with you, Maira, you know, Joe Biden, by all accounts, is a practicing. Catholic where Donald Trump when you look at his personal history is anything but religious. I don't quite know how they can hits that way into their trains. So to speak. Isn't that an interesting conundrum? It is so fascinating to me. Uh and it has to do again. What I'm saying is fear. Trump represents of them. The last hope and in my piece I had actually Had done reported some comment actually got even comments. Uhm Ji knows that I had gotten from some readers and many of them, you know, said such things that just capitalize what exactly is going on? And you know, basically what they're saying is that he will fight for my rights. He's demonstrated a willingness to do so. That's why I'm voting for him. I could look, I can overlook everything else because it's like he is the last hope. Let's look, Let's stop there and double down on that, Myra. We're talking to Myra Adams here. A terrific writer. I saw this said real clear politics dot com and again just to go back to my point. You know, American history is filled with If you look at America like an old grandfather clock, the pendulum has swung to the right and swung to the left. Then back to the right then back to the left. And the idea is with the peaceful transfer of power between for lack of a better descriptor. Conservatives and liberals the right and the left the fact you don't want the pendulum to break the clock. I? I don't see Joe Biden or the Democrats taking over the White House has end of days. Why do so many people feel that way? Have they been sold this bill of goods? What makes me unable to see it? Won't listen to President Trump. Yeah, but I don't. I don't think Donald Trump is reliable Has somebody to listen to? Well, then you're not a Maga hat rally attending their Republicans. Because those that are They take what he says at his word. They also believe that if he doesn't win, then the election will be rigged. They believe that voting by mail is fraud is going to end up with a fraudulent result. There are people out there that literally collision to every single thing, he says, and actually take it and believe it. It's sad. How many millions of people are like that. Talking with Meyer Adams. He's a contributed really clear politics have been involved in politics for quite a while. She was on the McCain Ad council, also part of the 2004 Bush campaign. Meyer take my listeners to your analogy off, and I thought this was just brilliant part of your piece. Who would you rather have a beer with and let's start with the 2000 for? I guess that would have been Carrie and George W. Bush. And, of course, Bush like a lot of guys, Romney and Trump, they don't drink. Right? They don't drink. But it was more just the concept of like a bill with the given away for pulses to judge really isolating the way likability. Who would you rather sit down and have a beer with and didn't make a difference at those three? Romney, Bush and Trump don't even drink, but it's more like, you know, kind of buddy kind of buddy buddy. And it is interesting that this time I did a search and I couldn't find any of any real official pollster that even ask that question When we think of that question. Who do you want to have a beer with one of those questions that you know you'd think you'd see it everywhere. But in fact, the last time I actually saw those exact words or in a Rasmussen poll in 2016, Maybe as you pointed out my room. Maybe we're beyond that at this point. If the world is going to end on November, 4th with either a blue wave or a red wave or what, have you We're not going to be sitting down and having a beer with anybody anytime soon, anyway. Well and that And I think it also speaks to the fact that even though people don't like trump, they're voting for him anyway. I mean, I literally had a friend that had been a party like two weeks ago. Actually, a party of four people, um said, you know, I don't like him, but I'm gonna hold my nose and vote for him. And this is a business owner in a swing state and In fact, I even mentioned that that line in my piece because I think that represents the way so many Republicans think they don't think Biden presents an alternative and that is really the difference is such a stark contrast between the vision the two visions of America that Republican fee That buying represents versus what Trump represents and would buy the represents. Is socialism. Loony left Christian America slipping away and you know they will never have. We'll never get our nation back. I mean, that's that's the fear. You know, I could understand that if it was cash, I don't know. Bernie Sanders, AOC. Abbie Hoffman. Okay, you know, but Joe Biden Scranton Jo..

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