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They just entered episode 2, right? Okay, but it's about this couple that inherits a house from the grandfather and he they opened the doors to a whorehouse they find this comic book called Utopia, right? So they like, oh my God, like we can get so much money from this and whatnot money though, you know fix up the house or whatever, right or for the wedding or yada yada off Fanboys are go nuts over it. So he looks it up and he finds out it's a sequel to D Topia and whatnot. So they go into a Comic Con to sell the comic right? It's like a super rare comic apparently dead. This group of people that have discovered that this comic book like the detail Pia comic book was actually if you knew how to read it right predicted future academic sex and things of that sort. So like they don't know who like who the artist is or anything like that so far any right. So now it's a matter of what's going to happen. What what is going to have? What is the next big thing that's going to happen and everything. So now they're trying to find this comic book because then like somebody shows up people start dying like and all in everybody's going after this comic book to try to find out what's bringing the end of the world, you know, who wrote it. I have no idea. I know it's based off of a book right? I believe okay, if I remember reading the credits correctly, but it's based off of another story, but dude just like Superman interesting. So Utopia on Amazon Amazon Prime video. Yeah. It was really well done. Like I'm I'm really impressed with that show so far and I mean, it's John Cusack and rain Yes, you know what I mean? Yep. Rainn Wilson plays a virus disease scientist. Oh, okay. So like I very much see Dwight Schrute. I very much see Dwight Schrute. He's not going to get away from that character ever. Yeah unfortunate, but awesome like no I got I'll definitely check it out. Yeah. Okay. So for my entertainment news we use song for the podcast. Oh, yeah, we used by Future James remake off and so I was wondering I was like, oh, it looks like it's been it's kind of a cover song. So I was wondering like what other songs what's the most covered song ever? What's the one song that everybody has sung? Hold on. I might actually know the answer. Okay, so I actually have the top five. Oh, okay. Hold on. Give me a minute. So you know me man. I know my music. Yeah. Yeah, so it's going to be the top top five most covered song Birdsong have five months covered. So I'm thinking I'm thinking back on covers. I don't know go for it. Okay, so the top off 5 most covered songs. Here's the crazy part four out of the five are The Beatles. Wow. Okay. Yeah that makes sense. Number five Michelle by The Beatles covered 243 X number three years was and I love her by The Beatles covered 263 times. Eleanor Rigby, okay. Yeah, I can see covered 349 times and Yesterday by the Beatles covered 422 times. I mean it was like yeah, you know for a few times it was redone by somebody else, right? I skipped the number for because that's actually the non Beatles song..

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