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Disease nerve and kidney damage and problems with the eyes and feet one is a disease in which the your audience system destroys the insulin secreting cells in your pancreas are called beta cells type two is a disease in which a variety of factors combination and barman in jeans conspire so that you're no longer able to secrete enough insulin in the operative word is enough but you may be heavy maybe centers your body needs more but for some reason your papers can compensate the problem according to endocrinologist Dr Robert Rizza is that you can have diabetes and not know it that's why he encourages folks to be tested this is using a blood test and if you have a elevated watcher denture things you can do to stop it but you gotta know for more information talk with your healthcare provider or visit Mayo Clinic dot org Paul Starr and I live in the C. which has been running on TV for seven decades now we had a wonderful time doing that show her husband does he aren't as creative does he lose studios Lucy was the first one ends out in major studio in Hollywood we salute Lucille Ball the First Lady and television comedy media San Francisco celebrates women's history month seventy six John Rothman show continues we're making it easier for you to listen at home simply say Alexa play KGO eight ten once again here's John Rothman charity mailed the Jodhpur pardon me if I'm unduly critical but don't one million tests for the virus sound a little poultry when we have over three hundred million people in the country I turned into the president's press conference today all I was hearing with people congratulating each other actually graduating him no actual information four one five eight zero eight zero eight Jan let's go to Pat calling from Pacific welcome to KGO thank you John yes of the point of.

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