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Sidekick is one of the fundamental building blocks of the classic whodunnit their exact station in life can vary as can their precise relationship with the central sleuth authors really let their imaginations run wild when it comes to the had kick special skills some combat experts that provide the muscle if the situation gets sticky while others journalists writers lab technicians butlers old barely human quasar mythical entities what unites all of the sidekicks though is they role as a sounding board for the detective they are present so that they can participate in the case yes but that also that to be told the story so that the redick can be told to as is often the case with these embedded tropes of detective fiction the most famous example actually paid three Oh so decades before the advent of the so-called golden age of detective fiction after the First World War I feel like I say this too often in these episodes but it's true to understand what Christie Marsh Mitchell and the other top practitioners of this style were doing in the nineteen twenties thirties you have to go back to look homes off the CONAN doyle didn't exactly invent the idea of the heroes close friend participating in the story as a proxy for the reader but he did refine and popularize it for detective fiction to the extent that the very name of his sidekick has become a widely used shorthand for this type of eric to enter the Watson the thing about Dr Watson though is that he isn't just a foil for Sherlock Holmes a slightly lauding conventional intelligence included in order to show of homes his uncanny brilliance to best effect although he is partly Latte what's in is also the narrator of me the all of the home stories and therefore the master of Conan Doyle's met Narrative Watson is writing up homes as cases for public consumption and so his impressions heavily what else can be of course this is part of what makes the home story so enjoyable Watson has a flair for the Gothic and loves a dramatic twist he lays out homes deduct Shinzo as they become apparent to less immortals like John Watson on by extension we the reader who can't follow the lightning fast motion of his friends brain I such he provides the pacing and structure that make for a good plot can you imagine was to classic Sherlock Holmes Story Narrated by Sherlock Holmes would be like I'm imagining something very brief like I arrived at the scene of the crime and it was immediately apparent to me who did it it took me if you to prove it but once I had measured a few footprints and the whole thing was wrapped up on my headed back to town to play my violin leaving the boring bits to the police.

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