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Start with Larry FitzGerald resigned with the cardinals one year fifteen point eight five million dollars for a sixteenth season. Right. And I've also seen some reports where it's just one year eleven million base salary, which is true. But he also getting a four point eight five million dollar signing bonus. I don't know where the differences there. I guess Larry FitzGerald. I don't know. Maybe it's depending on what information people one out. But he's he just wants people to know about the lever. Somebody just wants people know about the eleven million dollar salary same as the last couple of years, which is his jersey number. But evidently, he's getting close to fifteen or close to sixteen million dollars. I think this is really interesting. I read a whole story about this Bri, which is the pros and cons of a guy like Larry material. And I wrote this on Twitter yesterday at ROY. Ross Tucker NFL, by the way, this is what I thought he was probably signing for about eleven million five million more definitely helps for sure. But I think the. I think the balance sheet if you will between the pros and cons of him playing. This year is more interesting than maybe other people do and you probably don't feel this way, unless you've played, and you have the pain, and you know, the risk that you take every time you go out there. And you have the concerns about CTE, and how it will affect you and the rest of your life like I do so on the one slide side of the ledger for Larry FitzGerald is you know, he gets in his case. This is a lot of money. He gets almost sixteen million dollars to play and he loves to play really loves football, right on the other side of the ledger. You've got essentially no chance to go to the Super Bowl. He's not really I mean, I guess he could get second all time and catches. He's already there in yards. So there was a milestone there. But on the other side, you've got lifelong physical damage the ability to have significant. Injury risk in terms of a life altering injury. You've got the concerned he's actually a very physical receiver. He does take shots. He does block. And he's he's made one hundred sixty three million dollars from the cardinal so far. So I guess my point is this I think and he's got a couple of kids the further I get removed from playing. The more. A team would have to pay me to play. In other words. If someone offered me the most I ever gotten one year, and you guys can look it up. It's one point one million dollars. It was two thousand four right? I mainly made the minimums whatever, but that was the year where I made more than the minimum guy signing bonus. And I got my playing time bonus PLA, blah, blah, but. It depends on a lot of factors. But I wouldn't I wouldn't play football for that. I I wouldn't play another year for that. Because I already know how my backfield and my knee feels I know how important my daughters are to me. And I also know that there's some risk with the Steph, and they can cut and stuff, and I would not want to go back out there and take more hits to the head. And that's a lot of money, and I would love to have that much. It's a lot more money than I make now that's for sure. But at the end of the day, I you know, we have enough money to pay for food or house, and whatever I I just that risk would not be worth it to me. So I think I just think it's an interesting thing. And I feel like the value. I provide you guys a lot other than my rugged good looks which is clearly a big reason why you guys listen to an audio only podcast. But also, my personality is I can tell you the perspective of a former player at least one former player, and I I wouldn't play like, I definitely wouldn't play for the minimum, and I wouldn't play it would have to be really really life altering money. I don't know what that is. But. And that's different for different people, by the way..

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