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You came from us so are you. Do you feel like Oh. He should just be straight up untouchable. Obviously every team says that about. They're they're good young players. But it is that you're feeling or would you? Would you be willing to move him for? Not necessarily this specific player but a player along the lines of like a true holiday sorta player. I wouldn't for a drew holiday but it's not. It's one of those things where I don't know that that's like bad value. It's just that drew holiday. Make the Denver Nuggets a contender. I mean are the nuggets. Going toe to toe with the Lakers and bucks if they have drew holiday in his place to me I just don't think so so so I would not but it's not to say that he's I don't think. Michael Porter is untouchable because of that. Injury risk That it's just so high that maybe you do take a player that that is less of a risk but But to me there's not probably not going to be a match for what he what. His upside is versus. What his market value is. Yeah Yeah I mean you know the the package that makes a lot of sense for a lot of people is Gary Harris for the salary matching and porter for his some kind of an established star of the kind of seems to be the thought I think take it through a little bit more of my questions here. Biggest things that the Denver Nuggets learned about themselves this year. That we haven't hit on already man this one. This one's really tough. I think again the thing that defines the season was it being so incomplete so I feel like if there was one thing I would say about this this year's that I don't feel like we learned enough about the nuggets. And that's the harsh truth of it for me. I've been lower Andrea Murray than most people especially here locally and the fact that he just sort of flat line the way that he did and the fact that the nuggets were just as good without. They missed him for a whole three weeks or something like that four weeks and didn't skip a beat. In fact they played some of their best basketball to me. That's really concerning. I wouldn't say we know Jamal. Murray is not going to be a star caliber player. Or you know. We don't know he's never going to grow into that Max but for me I mean I would. I would feel pretty comfortable betting against that and I would have bet against it going into the season but I. I feel even more sort of strongly about that. Having seen three quarters of a season now with him yeah and you know I mean I was higher on Murray than anyone who when he was drafted. I mean he's still looks like a great pick at number seven. Yeah but and I think I hired him Than a lot of people a lot of the way I was like. No this guy is going to be really good. Just watch like when he wasn't playing early on in his career and then I was like what they gave him a no brainer. I'm like a July first light. That's the That's it it's funny. How often the cycle will happen where it guys will get drafted. I'm really high on them. And then public opinion will catch up to me and then do this freight train going right. Pass where I am. I like the guy but like a little bit and I thought you know. They're really like to narrative that you could have about Marie right one. Is Hayes only twenty two? Hey got a little bit more efficient. This year is finishing was a lot better even though he's been more efficient even though is three point shooting a as been worse. Yeah this year. And maybe that's an outlier that it's gone down from thirty seven to thirty four percent and also you know this isn't like that wide open of an offense. He's playing with the traditional power forward. Most of the time so as Dr Game isn't that good you know he doesn't get that much of a chance to do pick and roll and you know you could still get a lot better. That's one school of thought. The other one is while he just because he's the only guy in the perimeter who's able to do much a lot of the time with this team he gets all these shots he gets all this exposure. And you just be a guy on some other team if you weren't playing with Yoga. Yeah I'm probably somewhere in between those two because I do think he's a really good player. Just when you can guy in the contract when you hand Guy Amac's and especially when you're in a market like Denver. That's probably not going to get one. Your top two or three players via Free Agency. That means you've got to be certain of the guys that you choose to build around and you kind of lock yourself into Marine Yokich and I just like I said I'm betting against the other thing is three years in a row now where he's taking five and a half three point attempts per game. There's no reason in my opinion. There's no reason for that. Other than he he really struggles to get his shot off. Yes sort of like being that. It should be more. It should be a lot more in my should be at least seven eight nine. Forgive you look at a lot of the elite point guards of his mall. Damian Lillard You know those he they get their shots. They get point shots up. He seems to really struggle with that and he seems really really comfortable coming off of the high pick and roll stepping right into the free throw line or a slightly outside the free throw line and pulling up and to me. It's now that you're in three years of this. It's more of a habit at this point then. Just like oh. He'll grow into it How much of that do you think is coaching philosophy man? That's a great great question. I I really can't I don't know that it's Malone saying oh I don't want three pointers or anything like that but you do wonder if if it should be emphasized within more. It's something you look at him and you say okay. If we're ever going to be great we need you taking seven or eight three pointers a game or more and we need you shooting thirty seven percent on those. You need to be a threat to draw that defense out. Because when Yokich is rolling downhill towards the basket in the pick and roll he receives the pocket. Pass on the pill. I mean that's the best one of the best offenses in all all event the NBA. Yokich going four on threes is just a guaranteed open shot and it just doesn't happen as much teams will sag off of Murray knowing. He's not gonNA take the three. Yes Sir I mean why. I loved him so much. Shot Forty percent on threes at Kentucky. Us coming off of screens. I was like man this guy. You know it beats shoots the ball like this in the pros on this type of item. You know he could be not steph curry but like a steph curry light. And we'd just hasn't gone in as much for him and he hasn't had the volume as you said and you look at him like on his hot streaks of which when I say a hot streak I mean he'll have ten fifteen game runs where he that's what he looks. This the attempts go up to six or seven and he's shooting forty percent on those and you just think like wow okay. There's something there but it's all the word on him. Last year was inconsistency and I think it's the exact same word again this year if you look at his three-point percentage by month we're talking at least seven game samples and most of these are ten nine ten games Over the month. He's all over the board from well above forty two below thirty and it's just it's just so hot and cold with him all right. This is A. It'll be a good one then especially since you said everything so incomplete. What are the biggest questions about this team? That are still unanswered. I mean I guess the both in the short term and perhaps in the lunchroom where we touched on a lot and I don't want to be. Repetitive I touch on these but Murray can he be the second option and Michael Porter? Can you handle regular minutes? Because as much as I'm sold on his talent that the health stuff just he can't. He played thirty minutes per game for. I don't know more than ten games in a row. That's that's a really huge question. I think what Paul Millsap is going forward is a real interesting question. I think we'll talk about him and some of the sections later on but he's been a huge part of Denver success over the last three years and he's really starting to show. I think some some signs of of just his age. And so maybe he's not you know a core piece of this team going forward and then three point shooting. I mean Gary Harris in particular but Do they have enough three point shooters or to your point. Is there something about their style or coaching or something? That is making it so that all of their three point shooters are just shooting worse than what they actually are. Gary Harris. This season was really bad as three point shooter in and again. I don't know if that's because he's just not a good three point shooter if something has happened that that's making them more predictable weather shots come from. Yeah that's a big on. What would your advice to them? Be about how to handle the power forward position the rest of the season and then next year just to recap quickly. Millsaps will be a free agent. Jeremy Grant can opt out of about ten million dollars for next year. And then you've got porter going into his third season and you can throw in Plumlee as well who kinda falls into that. Where if they didn't resign him perhaps they would play grant at center. They did that. Someone When plumlee was injured with that ankle the the Yokich plumlee pairing has been really good even this season. It didn't get a ton of minutes but it was really good again this year. They just destroy teams on the offensive glass probably not a viable playoff thing but But it works but the reason I brought that up when Paul millsap arrived three years ago it took a while for him and Yokich to SORTA JAIL. There was some uncomfortableness there. The even had to have a sit down where MILLSAP said. Hey this is your team is joining it. Whatever but there was. You know you have to kind of learn how to play with you. Because he's different when Paul when Mason plumlee arrived and was playing power forward alongside Yokich. Same thing they were terrible the next year after they'd gotten some reps they were really good and then they've they've only grown from there. I think Jeremy Grant the same thing sort of happened. This year there was a point around December where I thought man. I'm so surprised at how poorly the Jeremy Grant experiment has gone. I thought he was going to be great. And he just hasn't been alongside yoked but over the last three months of the season or so two and a half months he really started to figure it out and him and Yokich started to figure each other out and I think now I'm out of spot where I okay. That's probably the power forward of the future at least for the next season or two and I think it's a really healthy one. He's a great three point shooter. At least he has been for the last couple seasons. He's very willing to stay in his lane and kind of be the role player. That they need is a great on ball defender. I don't think he's a very good help defender. I'd say he's not bad. He's just not like Paul. Millsap is as a backside defender but he solid so I think he's a good fit. The only thing he doesn't do well is he? Doesn't rebound very well but I think the nuggets can make for that other areas. Yeah and yoke is is a great rebounder. They've they've always in there They've always been a good rebounding to you. Not as worried about that so then going into next year I mean the spend thirty seconds on this here what? How many minutes per game would you give to millsap grant and porter as a default going into the playoffs to meet porter to me would play as the starting small forward? So I guess he wouldn't be in the power forward conversations that you're bringing will enough demand you're talking about this season. Okay Yeah Okay Gotcha got then..

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