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We could do whatever we want it because it was r. rated in it opened up. We could do the things we couldn't do on television, but we still were delusional. In my mind, there were many seasons, twenty four episodes that you shot all at once and then you never did it again. Yeah, twenty four episodes over nine months. Maybe they're in there was to specials so twenty-six, and that's it, but they aired it for I'm completing twelve years. If you would ask me how many years that show is on how many seasons? I would definitely felt six or seven. Oh, it was on for and yeah, Iran those up. Yeah, we'll then that kinda ruins one of my questions because the most exciting thing for me because I'm a long time fan of Brad Pitt's. I just I'm so in love with him. I. Can't stand it. Yeah, and fucking Brad. Pitt was on the show wanted ASO, right? You guys obstructed him? Yeah, we do things with him. So it clearly at it aired enough for him to see it to them. I assume that call came in from him. Right? You guys weren't sitting around going you. We should reach out to Brad Pitt or did you know it was a think he was at spikes one day and night in. We started talking to spike at already talked about it. Okay. Thanks bike. Maybe said, hey, Brad, Pitt's up for doing something in, but it had aired yet. It had already. It already been on television. Okay, couple three months. Okay. So he had some sense of what he was saying yesterday? Yeah, and he came on the set in we I, we did the thing where we duct a up abducted him. I should sing. It. The hotdog which the hot dog place hangs pink Shah. And then we put him in a gorilla suit, and we were just bombing the hill on vine in yucca and shopping carts right now. Not shopping carts, like little who know little four wheelers or something, and we were all like, worried you to kill Brad Pitt. Yeah, national treasure. Yeah. You don't need to get hurt, man. We need you to be because we were all concerned because he's such a good guy and Herschel handsome our God. Yeah, but no, he just takes off down the middle of the street of or anyone can get him to stop. He was down. Yes, yes, yes. So we'll, that's the thing even over delivers, doesn't mean that son of a bit. Yeah. Yeah. You couldn't be any. You know, he's, he's a great guy. Yeah. And he's from Oklahoma or some shit, like Missouri, Missouri. Yeah. Yeah. So he's he's letting some shit on fire. I think out in the woods yet. He's he's rowdy. Yeah, he's rowdy. We'd love to everybody loves. Did it cross your mind like we got, we'll we gotta get them in a stunt. We gotta get that top off a sap? No, we put them in a guerrilla most guy on the planet and covered him up in a gorilla suit you the opposite direction. Every idea would have been set in the swimming pool. Beach. I don't blame you or at least minimally raining, you know? Yeah, that sheer see through that can be almost better than the shirt off. Yeah. So what is your like, you know, what is your ego and your identity doing in that moment where you start this little thing, it's impossible. And then all of a sudden you have the biggest movie star on the planet participating in your little show. What? What are you? What's that experience like? It was pretty overwhelming. You know? Yeah, for few for few years, it was that you felt like you're living someone else's life, but just. You know, like we're talking about earlier, be careful how you choose your heroes a ha- because it's like, well, they were living it up. Yeah, so I should probably live it up and that takes a toll after awhile. And you have to realit- in at some point? Yeah. Well, I gotta say again, having been a fan of yours in looking at you from the outside and also having the relationship I've had with drinking and doing drugs. Your fascinating to me because you somehow like played around the fire nonstop, and then you just didn't go down. Yeah, like right, you win is I y be as far as you can go without literally needing to go to rehab or to, you know, ending up in jail or whatever. The fuck the things we do. And

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