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You know, a lot of times you like to play against those outliers look for some aggression to the me. And so maybe that adds some more feel to North Texas fire here for that one. We go to a major conference game. We don't only talk about under the radar types of conferences here, Oklahoma and TCU in what sort of a mouse to a bubble battle on Saturday. Yeah. Definitely. I mean, Oklahoma health far they falling. They've lost five straight games. Most of them. You know, I mean several of them weren't even very close. They lost thirty two Baylor at home. Well, if they fix them the road to them by twelve at home to Texas Tech relatively close game at West Virginia. And then they did have really close lost their against. I was stayed home. Yeah, I'm surprised Oklahoma's falling off so badly. You know, their defense is nineteenth in the country. As far as efficiency, according to Ken, palm, ofensive -ly. They've struggled all year a little bit. You know, they haven't sought the ball what all that well to start with. But in the conference report nine six three points possession that will not get it done. The big twelve has been pretty high scoring games. And if you're averaging that kind of points for possession, you're gonna lose quite a it. And that's what they've been doing. So now, they played TCU TCU. You know, they've lost three of their last five games. They lost that. Huge game at home in overtime to Kansas. I think that was a tough loss for them because they fight back from that what twelve point deficit. I think it was in the second half and come back, and actually but four points like a minute left in that game. And then TCU ended up losing it over time certainly a tough way to lose. This is a really important bubble game for both teams. You know, I think that TCU offset Oklahoma the first time around by two points. I think I like TCU in this one. However, I would be a little bit concerned that they come out a little bit floppy have a little bit of a hangover from that loss to Kansas. So I think it's anything if Oklahoma ahead at halftime. It'd probably like the second half taking TCU in this game. Because I don't trust Guam to finish off the deal. But I don't also not sure to TCU we'll start very well ear so wonder if there might be some second-half one horned frogs while you'll get. Oh, hold on. And this was the concern that we had a few weeks back. I think when we had a little bit of a future discussion we were looking at some of the teams around the country that you Oklahoma did play really good defense. But who is that Goto score who replaces trae young who's the guy that you want the ball in his hands late in the game. They haven't really found that guy yet this year. And now we're kind of seeing the effects of that dropping five straight and seven of their last night. So definitely an interesting game there, especially the Steve Oklahoma, Ken right the ship a little bit. We go back under the radar because it's what we love to do here on the program, and let's talk UNC, Greensboro, as they take on Wofford here and some so con- play this weekend. Yeah. You in Greensboro comes into this one off of loss at from and sixty seven to fifty seven on Thursday nights UNC, Greensboro, twenty two and four on the season. This is a team that I believe with the either the favorite or the co favorite and the before the season started with walford, and you know, they didn't play a tough schedule and in the so con up until Thursday game at at firm, and they lost a Wofford at home, seventy two forty three that was a one loss in the conference there at one loss since losing to Kentucky on December first until they lost on Thursday at firm, and this is a really really interesting spot because you've got UNC Greensboro that haven't been playing schedule. But they did lose by twenty nine points at home to walford, you know, Wofford's been really good. I think they're the better team. At least, you know, they've proven it. Against quality teams. Everybody knows fluttering mcgee's really good for Wofford, but Cameron Jackson. It's been really really good in the front court to me..

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