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Championship game postgame show. Let's take a look back at what happened on the field at Arrowhead Stadium today, the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs meeting for the second time this year. Kansas City A winner back in October in Buffalo. Today. The question was whether or not Patrick Holmes would be healthy enough to play and could the chief's avoid the slow starts that pointed them throughout the entire of the post season last year. Buffalo needed to get a quick start in this ballgame to try to pull off the upset on the road, and they scored on their first drive to the basket of 51 yard field goal. At the end of an extended Dr Give them a three. Nothing lead. Next time they had the football. They had to punt it away. But as it turned out, that was a launching point for the Bills forecast left foot in front of high in the air. Hartman ranges over to his right loses the football scooped up inside the five and diving into the end zone. They're going to rule him down at the two What a play on special teams working downfield. And it's time one Jones, Johnny on the spot from Buffalo at a huge mistake by Hardman. Don't try to dig a hole for himself if he went back over to the bench and actually through his warm up jacket over his head while he was doing that, Josh Allen took just one play to find Dawson knocks for a three yard touchdown. The extra point from Basset. The upright was no good, but Quickly. Nine Nothing bills with 6 14 left to go in the first quarter. Now, this is obviously key. The Bill's got the quick start that they wanted. But the cheese, the defending Super Bowl champions did not blink. I got the football back. They put together a methodical drive. 14 plays 80 yards, nearly seven minutes off the clock. They were in close. Patrick Mahomes gave the guy who made the mistake a chance to redeem himself. Kansas City looking to get on the board second and goal from the three Kelsey Motion Man from right to left two receivers to the left. The homes will throw it to the left side catch made acceleration. Into the end zone. Touchdown. McColl Hardman the chief's strike back A little redemption from Ecole Hardman. Redemptions a good way to put it, Hardman getting in the bugger. Extra point was good. Kansas City was on the board and the opening moments of the second quarter. And it wasn't long before everyone realized the tide of this game had absolutely turned. Who was the guy who set up the next big drive for the Chiefs. It was a five play 82 yard drive, but Hardman had a 50 yard run to get deep into Buffalo territory and give the Chiefs the chance to take the lead first and goal from the six for Kansas City. They trail 97 motion. Man is hill to the near side now shifts behind the homes handoff running to the right slashing extra effort. Diving Darryl Williams. He's in touchdown. Kansas City Terrific effort by Williams six yard rushing touchdown and the Chiefs take the lead. Just that quickly. Butter hit the extra point to make it a 14 9 game and Kansas City scored again in the second quarter. The end of another extended drive nine plays and 77 yards. Five Edwards a layer in for the touchdown in the extra point. 21 to 9 Chiefs. Buffalo tacked on a field goal before halftime of 20 yards. We had a 21 to 12 game. Kansas City answered with a field goal of their own early in the third. Buffalo answered back with 27 yarder there, so it was 24 to 15 just under six minutes to go in the third quarter. That's when the Chiefs found yet another gear and this is what they have playmakers up down sideways and backwards and Buffalo was about to find out on this next drives. The speed does indeed kill time for the Wrangler jeans highlight of the game second down in 10, they will ship Pharrell Williams to the back field to the left of the homes. Two receivers left Holmes swings it over the middle. Caught by Hill makes a move upfield to the 40 35 another cut 50 and there goes here often running, Tyree.

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