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And it's just nice to see someone start acknowledging this fire as protecting my workforce and my team and the city. My community, you know, you gotta do what you gotta deal. The city of Seattle and Seattle Fire, partnering with the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union chapter to make all of this possible grocery stores have been a lifeline. During this pandemic. Right now, the city is receiving just 1000 doses every week. We'd like to be giving 1000 a day. By the way and effective. Early Wednesday morning, these workers will be making an extra four bucks an hour under a newly passed city ordinance UFCW, which represents 48,000, people statewide, willing to fight any pushback from chains. Had threatened to cut hours or jobs because of it. That's Cuomo's Comella reporting. Healthcare workers are among the first to get the cove in 19 vaccine, and they're pretty excited about it. But those that u dub know the battle isn't over On my way down here. Somebody told me patients time of death, So it's like Just today and That's not something that was very common before all of this started, But doctors and nurses know the vaccine is an important tool in the fight to end this pandemic. So far, U Dub is administered more than 52,000 doses of the vaccine to workers, community members and patients. Microsoft creator Bill Gates knows we have a long recovery in front of us, but believes we are headed in the right direction when it comes to the ongoing pandemic. He spoke with MSNBC anchor Ari Melber this week, but I remain optimistic and I looked at the new team. That's engaged. You know, looking at the science and willing to deliver the bad news that the next few months are going to continue to be tough and you know, I feel great that we're correcting some of the mistakes that were made, he says. The challenge in front of us requires policymakers, researchers, health care workers and business leaders, among many others. Work together. Seattle police are investigating a shooting in the Fremont area This morning, Officers were called to the 3800 block of stony Way North about a shooting. I found a man who claimed to have been shot by an unknown man who cross the street began punching him in the head and chest and then shot him. He was taken to harbor view with non life threatening injuries. The suspect was located a few blocks away. And was taken to the King County Jail and a 16 year old girl has died after being stabbed several times in Bremerton police had happened on solely Avenue and East Bremerton yesterday afternoon. They said The girl's friends drove her to ST Michael's Medical Center after she was stabbed. But you had to be airlifted to harbor view where she later died right now. It's unclear what led up to the stabbing. Police arrested a 16 year old girl in connection to what happened. The suspected attacker is in the kid set juvenile detention center under suspicion of murder. All my news time is 5 10 as we head over to the Beacon Plumbing Sports desk. Dave Lewis has our sports headlines. Great news for the Seattle Storm and their fans.

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