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I think you you have to have as suppose a higher purpose. The no that sounds a little bit too philosophical about. What is the difference you need to make in the organization in order to ensure that it continues to perform thrive and grow. And how do you deliver that through the people agenda so for me. My purpose is about igniting people teams and organizations potential and and it's about ensuring that all of that works to give to create organizational success. I think that's what i've always kept in mind. And that's what really inspires me to continue to do the work that i do and with that you always have to have an open and flexible mindsets and always be looking outside the organization in terms of what's changing. How do you adjust the organization how to use see some of the upcoming challenges before they even reach the organization so that the organization is prepared to meet them head on. I suppose you become the the is in is to the outside world for the organization but very quickly translate that into solutions that are fit for purpose for the organization and continue to drive business performance or change. I think you do need to have not of grits. And when i talk about grit it's about resilience and the ability to bounce back because i think. Hr professionals in does have been really challenged in the last two years to step into a big leadership role in terms of the changing conditions. People dealing with grief people dealing with loss people dinning within zazi. And you need to have it right. Which is which is about a moving ready with speed in terms of changing things but also executing and getting things rights and fading fast and fading forward in terms of if you try something. It doesn't work then you know. Try something else and that gets the last one is you. You need to bring the humanity back into into the business. You're ready do need lead leaders to almost rise above the fray and bring the hearts and the and the human pots of leading to the four support people be empathetic and i guess as the charro units you need to be the conscience of the business of from vets respect sny in closing. What is the most important way. Tiger brand is building on the license of twenty twenty. If this one highlight that you would like to mention. It's probably this. Need to be ed jal and innovative as an fm cg company because in the last year the consumer needs have changed so rapidly and consumer spending patterns have changed so rapidly and we need an organization that live to that at constantly and end an organization. That's always thinking on its feet in terms of how to be edge on office of in responding to those trends as they happen and being consumer obsessed and being in the face of the consumer in bringing the solutions and products ford that are keeping suppose up to date with all the rapidly changing things in nine environment. Sny now thank you so much for making the time to speak with us today..

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