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So basically i just went into student mode for six months and i i mean i've always in student mode like i'm always i'm always reading a more staying up to date of course but i've never went through such an intensive period of learning mr life because i needed to know everything like literally everett like psychology all the way to like what my generation is what like all of these things and it really just clicked it made sense so i i went to that learning period i started building my personal brad so being the first person to publish an article about general your generations eat start start coining certain terms like quoting certain research like getting my name out there building my personal brand cameron said something the other day and i'm like why are you introduced me to people he's like because you're easily referral so now i'm kind of picture and myself as like how can i make myself as refer bowls possible so over delivering may billing my personal bran executing on certain things so i i really think i just got in the boardrooms from just not being a shitty person and bring he real value people because i really feel like everyone in general just over analyzes what they have to do in marketing i think marketing if so easy and simple and it's not just marketing its decisions period so i never really overanalyse anything i just made it extremely simple i ask for what i want it because you're not going to be something unless you ask for it and um and did that did that as well some of the some of the companies that i've worked with our who's sweet sprints the npd group agencies and way we've got a lot of stuff in the works said i'm going to be excited talk about but i can't talk about some of the companies right now because i don't really know what i'm a less than what am not no worries no worries so you're in a meeting with sprint.

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