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Nine hundred eighty seven you're listening to npr from kqed news i'm brian watt later today prosecutors plan to announce the charges they'll file against the driver of a vehicle who hit and killed the california highway patrol officer in hayward late last month rookie officer andrew kamil larry was killed on december 24th and alleged drunk driver collided with his parked put kohl carved on interstate eighty the unidentified 22yearold suspect was hospitalized with serious injuries after the crash it marked the second drunk driving related incident to kill a state employee on a bay area freeway last month weeks earlier a toll booth worker was hit at the bay bridge by a suspected dui driver december may have been bonedry but the first week of 2018 is predicted to bring in up to an inch of rain forecasters say wet weather will start tomorrow and continue on and off for the rest of the week last month was one of the dry s december's on record national weather service meteorologist brian me he says that because a highpressure ridge has been blocking storms from coming through in the coming down now it going to be rid of high pressure for the e a little veteran it cannot open up the door forty stormed common um you know the state forecasters also say another storm will roll into the bay area early next week police are trying to find out what caused a delivery truck to drive onto a sidewalk and injure seven people in san francisco's richmond district yesterday among the victims were two elderly pedestrians one with lifethreatening injuries in another with serious injuries as well as a family of five in another vehicle all of whom suffered minor injuries i'm brian watt kqed news support for npr comes from marco and john ernst.

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