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Job so the other day I posted one of my friend. Emily McDowell's it's amazing posts. And she wrote. If you need me I'll be over here. Marie con doing my identity. Which I love so much right emily? You're just so amazing but it really felt that one. After going on site a couple of weeks ago I realized how often we all walk around with these false selves. We WanNA please lease. We Wanna be impressive. WanNa be entertaining. We WanNa feel worthy and I know for myself. I just have spent so many years working so hard to be not what I think everyone wants me to be. I think it's been a survival skill. I think we all do that to a certain degree in different ways. And you know it's funny like if you look at animals in the wild they also do that like whenever they feel like. They're in danger. They find a way to either blend in or make themselves appear bigger than they actually actually are and it's just so exhausting to spend so much energy on this persona I realize just way easier and more enjoyable way a of life to just be myself and stop trying to earn it all the time and I also learned something huge recently. I was reading meeting Donald Miller's book Donald Miller's amazing. We'll we'll try to have him on but he said something in the book he was talking about this exact thing and he said you know when it comes. It's a love if it's actually really love. It's not something you can earn anyway. If it's really love love is something something that can only be given and I was just like wow so wouldn't it be nice if we all woke up tomorrow and we were all brave enough to be are authentic broken beautiful cells if we could just get rid of these shiny exteriors and be real doc. I know it takes a lot of courage by. But maybe that's like the coolest thing that we can do for ourself. Maybe that's the best gift we give ourselves this holiday so speaking of holidays we're going to New York City. We're actually staying in Greenwich Connecticut for about a week and then we will be in New Jersey and then we will be in your city. I'm doing a book signing in Montclair New Jersey on Sunday December twenty nine th at four PM. So if you're going to be in in the New York Area Montclair is only about twenty five minutes from New York City and it's so beautiful there So if you're anywhere nearby come there's still space available We do have an event. Bright Link it's a free event but since space is limited we'd love for you guys to RSVP put the link in the show notes also put the link in the. Don't keep up facebook groups so looking forward to seeing who's ever around in the New York area to meet me New Jersey Sunday the twenty nineth at four. PM also were doing a huge giveaway. We're giving away a thousand dollars target Gift Card for the holidays and and you can find out how to enter that if you go to my instagram at Kathy Dot Heller. Kathy's with a C.. You'll see a post. That has a really cute photo of a cat. It's like a Mugshot and in the photo it says I knocked over the Christmas tree. It's really cute anyway. In that photo with the Cats Mugshot it tells you to enter their giveaway. But it's super simple. Enter all you have to do is leave a review for the podcast and if you want a second entry you can buy with my book for a friend or family member for the holidays and if you already not left review or you already just recently bought a book for a friend for the holidays you could just send us a screen shot of your view. Send us a screen shot of of the book that you bought either one. You get an extra entry for buying a book you could enter just by leaving your view for the podcast. In any case we'll be taking entries until the twenty third and then we will announce a winner but in addition to the one winner who will get a thousand dollar gift card to target everyone who enters. I will be thanking you personally and then also giving you shout shout out in my instance stories so just thanks for being you. I thought it's the holidays. Like how can we make this over the top awesome so come on over and enter the giveaway also another another fun thing we're doing for you guys is we really want to celebrate your wins and all the cool things that happened during twenty nineteen. We're going to do an entire episode where we're just really really celebrating you guys and featuring you and talking about your Oetzi shop or your website or your new business or the play wrote or whatever it is so if you wanna be a part so that you can either email us. Hello at. Don't keep your day job dot com and let us know like how you've taken action and what's been going on with your dreams and your pursuits or you can record a voice memo into your phone and you could email us. That voice mellow with the subject line. Twenty nineteen win and we can actually play okay the recording of you sharing that on the episodes if you WANNA send in a voice memo or you want to just email us either way we will do. A whole roundup of you guys is because you deserve to be celebrated all right so let's get into today's show because I'm so excited about our guest. Today her name is Angela Santomero. She's amazing she's the co-creator Producer and head writer for a little show. You probably heard about called blue's clues she's also the Creator Executive Producer and head writer here for a few other shows including Janelle Tigers neighborhood and super y which on PBS Amazon Studios Creative Galaxy and wish improve and Charlie's chloroform city on net net flicks. And just last month her new show blue's clues in you premiered. She just keeps turning out one incredible show after another. And it's just amazing Angela. Angela is a peabody award winner Emmy Award winner and thirty time nominee. If that wasn't enough she's also the CEO of Nine Story Media Group which distributes and produces over over a hundred different TV shows across platforms including Nick Disney Netflix Apple Amazon prime. PBS and so many more. She's also an author. Her books include preschool clues and radical kindness. The life changing power of giving and receiving which we're going to get into because there's some really beautiful messages in there. She's so passionate about on her work and it's so inspiring to see someone really step into their lives calling taking it to the masses and ultimately changing the world. One person at a time so without further ado you please welcome the very kind very generous brilliant Angela Santomero Angela. Thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you so watch your head. It's such a pleasure and as I told you before we hit record. I have three little girls three years old six eight so I've definitely been a fan of your work for a long time. I feel like a television addict because I'm like. Oh my God I watch all of her shows. It's so impressive that you've not only been successful by all the standards but you're creating work that's really doing. Lots of good and touching hearts and making humans feel more more whole so. Let's go back a little bit. I know that there's a lot of people in our audience who would love to write a children's book create a television show and you've done so so many things. Can you tell us a little bit about your story and how you even got there. Yes so I kind of came through the back door when it came to production and creating show. I have a masters in Child Developmental Psychology and instructional technology and media. So I essentially wanted to teach and the idea teaching media was always fascinating to me You can reach millions of kids right at one time if you can put the very best crayon on preschool curriculum on television. Could you do that. And I was Mr Rogers generation and so I was a kid who right like I could not sit any closer asserted. TV when he was on right to tell the story of meeting him all the time because he was just such an impact fall per cent in my life and so that was between right and that kind of dream. You don't really say out loud like I WANNA do what Mr Rogers said that. That was what was in the back of my head so I think for me. I started started at Nickelodeon in their research. Department did an internship. The internship turned into a position in the research department. Nickelodeon.

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