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Know better when people speak honestly we should appreciate it we should say so when people lie we should not appreciate it we should say so people try to engage in cancel culture they should know that we won't accept it at all we're not going to go with them we're gonna go against that and soon you'll learn to allow people to bad ideas into the world for good ideas and World War express their opinion even if you don't like and be able to live in peace we've got work to do and I actually think it's going to be a whole bunch of the ninety three W. I. B. C. match up yeah and the eyes of a young girl being discovered by industry insider while singing to herself pumping gas one in three hundred million of the daughter of a clergyman from Severn Maryland spending eleven weeks at number one on the US singles chart's one ninety million going on to win seven Grammy awards one in one point four million the odds of selling over forty million records one hundred thousand.

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