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She was found a sixty year old wife and mother of three days after her husband reported her missing will tell you the story in four minutes right now eleven thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the financing here's Barbara traffic slowing down in Santa Monica because of red work ten eastbound Lincoln the clover field in the fast lane that's good too busy out of them a clear tunnel and if you're going to LA acts slowly thinning out around the airport you're still gonna find delays on surface streets and at the airport but it is starting to look a little bit better through the area in commerce crews are working on the seven ten both directions Atlantic to Washington two right lanes northbound and now the three left lane southbound that's the busy side through the area and you've got a problem on the seven ten south bound has valley Boulevard heard from a tipster bed a big piece of furniture possibly a couch in the fast lane causing some very sudden swerving there's folks come up on it siege pianos and they're on the way they'll probably run a break to clear it they've been dealing with the big power outage tonight in Fullerton signal lights are still out in a lot of the major intersections the special and harbor Boulevard so if they're dark be sure and treat him as four way stops red work nearby in Fullerton ninety one westbound from east street to the five in the three left lanes looks like traffic thinned out through the area about a little bit of slowing and in some valley all is closed for a five northbound on magnolia there deterring the off the freeway Gemini up before brokers sticky exit at you click go north to add injured take that Wes that'll get you back to the freeway again if you see something become a tipster called KNX Ellie metro traffic to find three two three four six seven ten seventy year next report eleven forty five barber Brooks of our traffic reports for often can extend seventy newsradio sixties tonight then for tomorrow highs video Persephone to the coast mid eighties inland valleys up to one hundred cooler midweek.

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