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And he had no fucking workers benefits. I i live in my car. Basically like i work probably like ten hour days at work every day. Necessary to our recreate have no time. But at least if i could take forty five minutes i can help deal with some of these health problems because it gets bad. Enough did not even worse because our healthcare in this country is a fucking scam. Holy shit designed specifically rather a when comes to hospitals their pricing. It's designed to deal with insurance companies not individuals the sheri- just fucking destitute. God oh my god. I have family members in the healthcare industry and one of my my dad. Who's in the healthcare industry. He like Worked at like a clinic and he quit that job. Like working at a clinic. He couldn't do it because it was just like depressed him because he had to fill out all the paperwork and then like he had to sign all the insurance bills and stuff and it just got to the point where he was like i. I no longer feel like this. Is you know the. I took an oath to do no harm kind of thing and this is a version of harm. I did not sign up to do and it was. Just i mean say what you will about the nhs in the uk by at least. They've got something that works for a very large group of people i mean. I'm sure there are problems. But that's what the that's what the conservatives in government only speak to go you'll alarm universal healthcare. There's all these issues. Yeah you know. One of the issues isn't you go. Poorly died because he can't afford food or housing. Like i'd rather like. Oh no maybe have to wait a little longer for treatment. Or i don't get necessarily the doctor. I want right away but they do that than have like a hundred thousand dollar bill because i have cancer. Tonelli have cancer and crippling debt rate. That's i'm on my mother. And i like to do this thing. Where like occasionally will like look at what the lottery like the texas lottery has got up to and back when it was like a bill. You know it was that nuts like a billion dollars powerball zhang and we will do what would you like. What how do you know. What do you do with it like if you want you do everything and i remember my mom saying does this was back when i was still like living with irish enough to be living with my parents and stuff and they were like my mom's like well number one. You open an account and you use and you put like one hundred thousand dollars in that account immediately and all that goes into that account the only thing that you take out of that account for emergency health emergency healthcare because it's not the Like the illness they devastates families. It's the it's the debt it's the medical debt that devastates the families. No coming back not only have to begin with. Then they're like oh we also want interest on top that you can never outlive something with education beckwith education. You could actually work through college with like a job like that. My mom did that. She works college at a job at like the mall selling clothes. And they're talking of george bush. Junior comes through deregulates. Everything now the fucking colleges can charge whatever the fuck they want. So one semester on average is about ten grand. It's much education is. It's not like the doctor like my cousin. Jewish new york. She is a nurse and she actually went through a couple of degrees. She was a journalist. I than she was tech and then she actually went through a us like fast. Nursing program pinch nursing like crazy like three months or something like. Oh my gosh. Wow quick her. Wow inch a she got a job. One of the best hospitals in the country and then she actually went to nick. You a special. Like especially nick. You pass the the bar. He he can practice over new york. The amount of debt that they collected even between like their household income is probably something nuts. Something insane like three hundred and fifty thousand four hundred four hundred thousand dollars. You're not talking nuts. Like millions of dollars like not in billions is not even here. It's not even millions of dollars nuts. it's like hundreds of thousands of dollars nuts and win. Hundreds of thousands of dollars seems like an insane amount of money. I feel like there's like we need to do something like what's the point of being a doctor. A lawyer there. They each have a professor in the medical field and the other is a lawyer and they still with those two incomes would never outrun their educational debt agent. I know it's it's nuts. It's absolutely not. I mean. I know this used to be true. This was true. Probably about ten years ago so i don't know i'm i'm sure it's changed since then but about ten years ago if you wanted to become a doctor in the state of texas And you just went to like a public division. One school like university of texas. Texas am texas tech You know like those are. Those are public universities in the state of texas. If you went there it was going to cost you for all four years of medical school now. A lot of people don't know this so you do four years of medical school and then after you graduate you do what's called residency so once you're done with the four years you're not done. You still have more to do. And that can last up to ten years depending upon what field you want to go into but if you were to go to medical school ten years ago for four years and then you did a three year residency just a three year residency fellowship. Meaning you specialize in something just a residency. It was going to cost you half a million dollars or those years before all this got irregulatities like it costs even two years ago. Let's go back.

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