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Yamanaka factors a group of four transcription factors that can reprogram and adult cell to become a pluripotent stem cell. That can form any cell type. How short term treatment with Yamanaka factors can reverse cellular and physiological homer hallmarks of aging and prolong lifespan in mice with a premature aging phenotype phenotype how fasting exercise and other lifestyle factors may slow the rate of EPA genetic aging but may not be sufficient to reverse it like some of the powerful Yamanaka factors may be able to do? We also discussed Dr Sinclair's hope that we may eventually find a way to induce Yamanaka factors in a way that is more safe applicable. Oh to humans than current genetic engineering in viral techniques use. An animal research can do and so much more a few things. I want to mention before we ought to this amazing podcast. In addition to this episode I have put together a bonus episode that sort of focuses on my personal concluding take on everything. NASD nicotinamide right beside and nicotinamide. Monica tied that episode comes out to the wider world sometime next week and should be of great interest to anyone that enjoys this conversation today. Having said that if you are a premium member you can get a pre release of that episode right now. That's right right now. By grabbing the brand new members only podcast feed the members. Only podcast feed. What's that you may ask? This is a cool new way to get occasional early access to upcoming episodes some exclusive zip content like my members only QNA's and more that's not the only benefit premium members get either along with already great notes released for free with every episode for members. were now including a convenient powerpoint where you can quickly skim. All the graphical figures steady quotes and more usually reserved for the video only just by way of example. The presentation for this episode comes with over one hundred fifty slides. That usually you'd have to watch the entire video to see which seems mighty redundant if you've already listened to this episode all the way through this new suite of real concrete benefits reserved for premium. Members is my special way to give back to the people that automatically enabled me to build my fitness into the amazing largely free resource for the wide world that it is learn about all of these brand new benefits more than even make sense to go into right now as well as the back story and motivation or even get signed up for a dollar per month by heading over to foundmyfitness dot com forward slash premium. That's found my fitness dot com forward slash P R E M I U M premium..

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