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All these you go first grade highlights here tonight a Bridgestone arena back here on the post game show their McFarland and how Gil hearing Jack Daniels barrelhouse appreciate Nick Bonino for kicking things off it it would be all of thirty five seconds before the predators how would set the tone on the evening especially crazy legs Greg Smith with his fourteenth of the year maybe the combination of two cat Fishin Luke Bryan was was maybe the jump they were needed to get him going yeah but Craigslist said that was awesome and after it after the game he said we said yeah Luke Bryan singer catfish on the ice and work with coming after you know like that I I think that means a lot to this team that they had that they had that response that they had everything going the right way the catfish wrote there and it was like felt like old national yeah I need needed bad debt we talked about in pregame they needed to they needed to have a game like this in your bones you know he's such a you know he's he's a smart guys there everything's very structured you know he's everything for a reason but I I I just felt like they knew they had to come out and hammer down right away I think they they knew that they needed not necessarily get the goals but to come out and have that energy and the and the I think that was a great job of that line with the other two lines getting switched up you know the one in two lines get jumbled all over the place this line has been doing it all along and they did it again and you know they got the first goal second goal you don't I can appreciate about him is asking about his line it's almost like he's yeah it's like I don't really want to you know talk about us too much well you what do you what I love is it talks about the diesel that's that's where they're good like what do what is it what is bones now he's a plus a bunch you know I don't know where he's at right now but he's a he's a plus player for a reason well you came and plus fifteen so he's got to be a plus let's see nineteen now tonight he was was for was for the last nineteen yeah I mean that that that's that says a lot to me about the way he plays and then what he does his line is a plus for tonight yeah because they got four goals and then they did give up any yeah it's all work yeah that is set up yeah yeah that's very fast I got still yes go there you go he just explain to us how it works what is good I mean he's good on both ends but his focus and everyday question Askin starts with the phones yup that's right that's where they're starting from that's why he's so good especially on the line you can let the puppies going and how did you know dog on a bone all that you know like go get it boys and he'll get to the net and then back them up in place with the funds for Greg Smith would that is second of the game seven minutes and forty one seconds in an even strength goal Rocco and Benito that line all picking up the assist so it's going back to what we're just talking about somebody goes Topshelf they're short side there in the slot and then Mateus circle they weren't done they kept born it on at home with his seventh of the year but the thirteen thirty three mark so six and a half minutes ago out starting goaltender Grice out inner Varlamov just like that yup but whether Craig Smith first goal for shot of the game yeah well that wasn't even an angle is made it work yeah but I I thought the whole mentality from all four lines they're going huntin box and then crashing the net not just one chance but second third chances that comes goal gets the assist for me aren't croak and lots and and the predators were outshot fourteen ten but they would lead three nothing we moved to the second that one was clogged and then drop by sorrows and then locked out the center off the shoulder when a boy Chuck try to give the Colorado brought.

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