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You take please. What's the crime builds up so now. I hope that houston won't get as bad as the walkie wisconsin and didn't but It's already up there now. Nobody stops red lights anymore. Nobody's a lot of my friends. They wanna live at the city anymore and it it the city because the most racially segregated city in america which is kinda true. You got noticed that we're on the black if he got the white people and hispanic that it's all broken down the work. Zip code in. America is in milwaukee wisconsin floppy tools six. And it just it just already up there so i hope i'm not running greg. Thank you for the call buddy. You know when you look at the crime reports you see. These anecdotal cases case after case after case or black males between the ages of sixteen and thirty who are committing multiple crimes are being arrested multiple times in this revolving door. Because kim on the district attorney and the harris county district court's cannot get them out fast enough. It's a wonder when the cops call and say hey have arrested. This guy's just murdered somebody out in the fifth ward. They don't say wait there. We'll come out. We'd like to release him it. We don't want it to be bothered having to come downtown. They have a mobile pardon unit. It just send them out. Sign there dachshund. Let them get back. Y'all i'll stop arrested him. Maybe that'll be the next stop arresting them. Let them do what they wanna do. Because somehow that's good for black people. Even though even though the victims are almost always minorities somehow the black people we need to protect our the one percent that are thugs. That are terrorizing the neighborhood. Because we're we to punish these people for committing crimes against other minorities that would be anti-black. What about the victims. Whoever cares about the victims. What about those people. You never hear you never hear about black victims. Never hear the stories of black victims and what they go through ever black lives matter pump since to five years in prison for trying to set. Fire to portland polices north precinct. While people were inside go vaughn. Streeter was arrested for arson on june. Twenty sixth last year after a riot was declared outside the portland police bureau's north precinct that night. The twenty two year old man was filmed setting fire to a large dumpster which had been pushed up against the plywood attached to the buildings windows. According to officials a total of nineteen people were inside the precinct where the fire was set. Streeter. hillary pleaded guilty to one count of first degree arson and was sentenced to five years in prison along with three years of post prison supervision. Here's black lives matters. America just like houston murders and shootings in atlanta are up. By forty percent while overall arrests in the city are down by forty three percent. As atlanta's police force remains more than four hundred officers under its authorized level the atlanta journal constitution reports atlanta. Police have invested have investigated sixty four homicide cases this year. A fifty eight percent increase over this time last year the surge follows a historically deadly twenty twenty when authorities investigated one hundred fifty seven homicide cases the most in more than two decades mayor quiche lance bottoms has referred to the spike in violence as a covert crimewave way as that sounds like some sylvester turner style. Well mayor. what are you gonna do people here. Kilby each other. We all have to work together. But they're killing each other. It's other cities. No it's our city worst well as covert..

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