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Every voice every lifestyle style in our country which is very diverse The life of a of a rancher in Montana is far different than the lies of an investment Baker in Chicago so so it is essential to protect the overall health democracy NC Central to protect Different points of views neck. I would definitely agree with you on a lot. Part of what you just said and I was very surprised that the James Madison quote as well as something that came up in my research. Now I'm GONNA give you a couple of the cons to the electoral college and you can tell me what you think of those. All right sounds good all right so the one and this is I think the biggest one for a lot of people is. Let's take the Democrat in Alabama Okay Alabama obviously a majority of mainly red state throughout history. The the main argument against the electoral college is that there's no point in that person voting because pretty much no matter what that state will be read it and therefore that person's voice is not heard and their vote in quotation marks does not count well in that situation. There's always going to be minority rights based on the overall perspective of the citizens of Alabama. Right the reality that most of them face yes so say there is a Democrat Democrat. And I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats in the state of Alabama. It's not that their voice voice isn't heard playing heard plenty open to campaign for Democrats entrain push the state blew. You can take California. California was once a red states shifted. Blue there's always political shifts but it's all about perspective writes yeah so Republican ideals and legislation oftentimes in the view of someone from Alabama's positives Yes so you're always gonNA shit right so they're open an open campaign their opener try naked Shasta but unfortunately there's always going to be a minority. Yeah okay that's that's a that's definitely affair response Another another question. I'm going to ask you and this is about something that I believe. Two or three states have implemented. I Know Nevada is one of them is where they are allowed to split up the votes in the electoral college based on kind of the population of voters. That voted one way or another. How do you feel about that Nick Right? I think it's up to each state. I don't think it's a bad idea. The votes Proportional to the overall will a number of each party got. I think it's honestly my opinion. A probably a good idea because I think that does promote even more democracy. Yes Without without you can without leaving it completely up to the popular vote right. I think that is a great solution. It's a hybrid solution to getting rid of IT and keeping it. Yeah the essential foundation the fathers in there for for no reason. They want the population to vote for the presidency in a whole because As we scribe earlier there's James Madison's co-authors a tyranny of the majority you don't want majority To to crush the minority right and that seems to be in an ideal with the Democrats somewhat confusing to me that would be against the Electoral College. My feeling is search butthurt because Hillary definitely only became a very controversial topic after the election and honestly this. This is one of the most interesting topics to me Not at first glance. I thought this was actually going to you. Want a kind of a more boring episode. But after I did some research I was of the opinion that the electoral college was not the best. But after I had looked into James Madison's Madison's original purpose for it does I do believe it still applies today. Contrary to what a lot of people say right and if you take look what the what the outcome would have been say. Hillary ones I mean you look at the electoral map. The majority of the country geographically. Yes right he they wrote it. They voted for Republicans because that is the viewpoint of the majority of America. Yes as we discussed earlier New York California Texas also be the only three states that would matter because they account for the rest of the population once-over yeah So if you're talking about someone vote in state not mattering get rid of the Electoral College College. Because then the vote from Wisconsin legitimately wouldn't matter I think as as as much as even it not mattering as the whole point. I think I think the most important part of democracy is having an informed voter And I think of politicians are advertising. Aren't campaigning aren't you. Know setting up things in these smaller swing states where you know where the factory worker where the farmer are. And they can't get a information easily about that. I think democracy is a whole kind of sinks. Thinks I agree with that. Yep most definitely okay. Well Nick do you have any other closing statements. You like to make our questions for me or the or the podcast hot cast or the viewers you know. Feel free to feel free to shot whatever you want now. Well my personal opinion is I think that our generation I I would think that this podcast is targeted towards The the JEN's ears and maybe similar death but I think overall we're shifting more right. I think the Democratic Party exist today especially when it comes to electoral college and all these other controversial issues. They've lost most of the intelligent argument behind what they have to say. So I think it's it's is important. I think this is a great way is a great way of promoting intellectual arguments rather than just pointing and yelling at each other and that. That's honestly the the the whole reason I set this up. I feel I'm on college. I'm at the University of Utah Right now in Salt Lake City and that was the biggest thing for me. I feel like these topics especially when you get into Even spicier one electoral college is pretty. PG But you talk about abortion you talked about gender gun laws and it is extremely difficult. A difficult sorry to find people that you can have a civil conversation with and I think that's why this is so important as for these smart college kids to be able to express how they feel with people in their generation right and I think both sides are to blame somewhat the but but overall it's you don't agree with me than you're wrong during the enemy which is against democracy in itself and it's become so polarized at that means Antifa these the white. Supremacist finding antiques on. There is white. Supremacist shirt but the left would lead you to believe that. All Republicans are white supremacists but my opinion but I would love to come back on and talk about one of the more passionate issues I have is is the long crisis huge especially student loan crisis I says yes but overall this is a great way of in of encouraging conversation. Yeah the I. I really appreciate that Nick and I will gladly have you on for another episode. It would you like to shout the automotive instagram that you got going on your instagram mid West Dot Motor Sports Midwest at motorsports sports on instagram heels. Pretty over there and giving you follow. Thank you very much nick. Have a good rest of your youth. You bye-bye yeah I think so. Oh yeah okay. Great Welcome back. We have our next guest with us on the over. The Edge podcast. I am joined by my cousin Evan. Evan and I understand that you don't have the strongest opinion on this topic so I guess fill me in on what your understanding of the electoral college is right now Yeah so I I kinda just Understand like the very busy concept of what it is and I don't really have like. That's it's kind of the extent of my knowledge. Like yeah okay. Just no system works states all have electoral votes. And whoever has the most electoral your votes wins the presidency. So right the two the two sides of this and we're not GONNA first sake of just kind of making it easier. We're not there's a hybrid of it that we talked about in the last interview about states where they can split the electoral vote. But for the sake of this we're GONNA keep it as either keeping or getting getting rid of it and so what I'll tell you and you can form your opinion kind of as I give you these facts if we keep the electoral college. What's good about it is it represents all the different lifestyles and states in America? Obviously the average lifestyle in Alabama is going to be very different from the average lifestyle L. in California. Okay right and if we get rid of the electoral college the problem with that is when you go to straight popular vote. Is that politicians. Asians then will only campaign in California Texas New York. That's were almost. Everybody lives a wide Jordy. So swing states like Wisconsin Iowa Ohio places like that factory workers things that Democrats and Republicans try really hard to win over no longer become relevant. Because they're not in the majority so and then but the con of the Electoral College and this is what a lot of people say when they say that they don't think their vote counts is when you're in a state so let's say California which is very blue at the moment if you're a Republican and you go out to the voting booth. You might think that your vote really doesn't matter because you know no matter what California's always going to be blue. And so your vote doesn't really matter in that sense if you have if theo state that's predominantly that that faction earn faction but you know that party so based off that and obviously there's a little more to it but based off that what's your initial Opinion of the Electoral College Right so I think just Like from the initial reaction to anything reason to get rid of it. I'd rather stay around for the like the main reason being you had mentioned that like would if it were to be Taken away it would kind of like make all states. That aren't like doc three or five most popular most populated states relevant And I think doing that would loyd affect more people's like mindset of not feeling like their vote matters more than if you were to keep it and the people that are within like states that are predominantly predominantly blue and. They're trying to vote. Red would like like those people are affected by how it is now. I mean that that's something that can kinda changed a lot easier than just like if you're going to get rid of the system altogether yeah So I don't know I think keeping his the way to go if you had to pick between the two but I mean whether or not you'd alter something about it is a exa different question. Yeah I'll just I'll fill you in on this one little thing. That's why I believe it's between two states Nevada's one of them is now what they do is they. They have the electoral college obviously. But they will they. They're they're allowed to split the vote based off the percentage of voters. That voted one way or another. So let's say here. Let me get to it. Nevada has six votes slit. Say It's fifty fifty. They're allowed to put three of their votes towards the Democrats and three of their votes towards the Republicans or one towards the independent dependent or whatever their state votes for and if they have fifty five percent they're allow you know they can do four into or you know whatever possibility comes up. Do you think that solution still keeps. The I. Guess the Ba- the basis of why we have the electoral college to include everyone there while I guess including more of the majority..

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