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Overhead this year since the previous administration spent millions on frivolous stopping created more bureaucracy AS somehow I'm being labeled as mismanaging funds I really like to know how and where because it's easy to toss out things like that but if you don't have the facts to back it up I said that I suggest you leave that radical law Steve Gregory can fine tune the stylist at making waves a salon in Huntington beach says he's grateful to be back at work but the restrictions are excessive all these rules and regulations and shut us down for so long I mean our license is state mandated in we go to school for a year and a half to learn how to stop infectious disease and sickness of styles James quello says the hardest part trying to make money when the rules only allow fifty percent capacity T. says barbers and stylists were already following many of the new sanitation rules other new rules include wearing masks conducting temperature checks and not allowing walk ins a map of all the current cases in southern California you can check out our website at KFI am six forty dot com keyword covert Mississippi health officials say one sick person at a funeral S. spread cook at nineteen to at least thirteen people another eight cases are suspected among those who attended the funeral last week they used super spreader went to the funeral despite having symptoms of the virus another two point one million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits last week's jobless totals down from previous weeks but it's still much larger than the normal pre coated about forty one million people have lost their jobs during the pandemic German police say an apes severed hand and foot founded a Bavarian forest don't appear to be as sinister as previously thought the fine last week freaks and Germans out the cops got a tip about nefarious government experiments but investigators say the body parts have been preserved in chemical so it's likely the ape died a long time ago when was used for specimens and a homeless man in San Diego says it was all worth it getting arrested for breaking into a bank security alarm company called the cops yesterday morning to report into the bank's break room using.

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