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Part and western part of ireland To take care of your four vacation rental houses that in ireland would be called self-catering cottages and take care of the coffee shop that you won their little gift shop and whatnot I thought you had been inspired by what they did in australia. But that's not. The case knows just just an accident. Fortunate accident where you kinda desperate in twenty twenty to get people because i'm with lockdowns and whatnot getting staff to do anything would have been a challenge will. Yeah we're definitely worried to vote us Yeah we said we. We literally put one facebook also an it it absolutely never it. I don't know how it happened was brilliant and it was amazing to see so much interest i suppose even worldwide interest in you know so many people interested in the basket islands. Well for the moment. let's talk about what. What do the two people that. You're hiring to live on the island. Where these four self-catering cottages and the little business that you run that's a coffee shop or whatever What are their responsibilities. What are they have to do It's it's just just just turning overdose so making sure to houses are clean and tidy and looked after for the next guest two houses you see they all. There's no electricity out there so it's gas stoves and And fire and Solid fuels fire stoves to for heating so not. A people wouldn't be familiar with that. So they need to make sure the house clean and tidy for two new guests who arising out and then they need to make sure that they're they're they know how to light defy your work the gas cookers and an anything anything like that. You know some people out of their comfort zone out there so just to make sure their time anyone's questions or queries. Yeah we what you look. Coker we call a stove and oven little. We have a little language thing turtle to jump there Yeah well we call cooking schools. You guys call cookery schools. So there's all vocabulary and i've done features on ballot melas cookery school and the cookery school at held castle and there used to be all of the corey school at a castle. Leslie up and county money. And but when the executive chef moved onto another resort that ran into some obstacles. I don't know that they're even running it anymore but They built a gorgeous kitchen. And whatever are for students to learn and do and whatever but now for the people in my audience who when this of covid thing lifts would be interested to coming to the dingle peninsula and going to basket island and maybe saying one of these houses that you operate under the name. The what is it. The great blasted island experience and the website. People is great basket island dot net. But you'll find a link at sap. Rooms dot net in the show notes so not to worry bite before we get into focusing on that and you know what the experience would be like staying there. I really thought it might be a good idea for us to explore. You know the experience of how do you get there. I mean talking about an island so you gotta make your way to the dingle peninsula which is in the western part of county kerry and now how how often are their boats. That will take you out to the basket islands. Well it's all old voter are wetter dependent. There's no it's the most westerly prior of the country so the next piece of land. Dr basket islands would be newfound canada if you went. Us so you can imagine are prevailing winds are from the west so we get fairly even a small breeze will will make the see quite rough there too. It's very very dangerous very very dangerous. Stretch water across from the mainland to the to the baskets. So there's only about one hundred days in the whole year. Maybe maybe hundred twenty that you can actually access the island by voice and you can go from dingle from then tree from dingle harbour which is nice and easy to get on the board and you might see bit away light on the way out you can go from venturi and you can also ashore to crossing from don quinn. Which is just two. Two miles across is the wildlife. You're referring to dolphins you'd see so we used to have a dog dingo dot when he disappeared. Target for thirty eight years phobia disappear Last winter two months ago. no yeah. He was here tortilla to her. You would have seen honky everyday. You would see common dolphins minke waves and the right time of the year. We have pictures of him. Yeah poorly fungi. He's gone tis pity. Yeah oh. I'm so sorry to hear that he was he was like the town mascot good. Yeah he absolutely made. That's a shame of saris a but so you you take a boat now if you made a reservation for let's say four nights and you took one of the boat services that runs out the basket islands and you arrived and on your third night. An unexpected unpredicted unforeseen storm whips up. You may wind up being there more than the four nights see. What brands is that. Now right they have some flexibility. You would. It's very unlikely because the forecaster socal It could it could easily happen. Yeah if you stuck there until they're wetter pro into the weather satellite again. Well we got stuck for five months in ireland because the planes were flying regardless of what the weather was. But you know what. I wouldn't give back those five months for all the money in the world. They were the happiest most joyful lovely experience and i. I rarely ever use the word stuck. As a way of explaining are being marooned on the island that is ireland. And a sh- listen. I didn't leave was some some guests have got stuck on the island even.

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