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Thursday, Tim's had some time to roll around his brain. Also enjoy a Sunday without the 40 Niners. Look around the league a little bit a man any time talking to Tim Ryan's A Good morning, indeed so inhuman guest line, Timmy Good morning, man. Thanks, fellas. Yeah, rolled around in there for a while. And then it sat in one spot and burned a hole through the bottom of my brain. Wow. Yes, bro. I mean, ran into a Hall of Fame quarterback and, you know, he made his presence felt right away with a great play, And there were several opportunities and make early in that game. Certainly in the you know, in the first quarter into the second quarter toe hold on DH steer Well, really, I should say, create a little more Momenta MME and then hang onto it, and they didn't make Place, man, and, you know, you roll down the field. You do it pretty damn good job at the beginning. And you know that You guys picked up the line. I was pretty proud of myself that launched the Kree craft into the river. Yeah, Yes. You know, he ran that owner out. Hang on to the rock. I load him up and they had opportunities to do that. And, you know, obviously, they had more up to They were moving down the field and Richie James was fantastic. And and I really don't. I mean, I think he was just trying to keep his balance on that crack back Walker that, you know. They call it pin and pull that outside power with the receiver blocks down, and he had the holding call. You know that and they were on a little run right there when you think about it down 7723 and had an opportunity to go down there and kind of flip it, And then he got that and then I think it was. I don't know that. That's when the Packers realize they could get pressure and get it quick. I think it was two plays later. It was the Justin Smith Rush on old school E out there left tag with that ball flooded up on DH. Then the rest was pretty much history. It was tough. 34 17 looked good in the papers, but it was 30 43 before garbage Time. Love your thoughts on Nick Mullins, Timmy because you know, there was some bad passes. There was some tough protect on the news. You know, you know, receivers like you said, Load the crate craft in the river. He's thrown the guys were you know we've never seen before. Your analysis of Mullins performance. Did you think he'd go to C J it at any point? I did not know. I think I mean, TJ got movement skills, no question, and he'll give you hell Pond and I had a great D ball. He's got all that stuff. But you know when you need to come back, and I think, come back in a hurry, and I understand defying the axes and those with with mobility, But again, my preferences get it done quick with a guy that can that can. Ah, You read the defense and get the ball out on time. And you think of the Seattle sanity either complete or incomplete and hopefully not intercepted. So now you got the You know, you gotta run around guy back there who's making plays with his legs. And I'm a big fantasy J but possibly taken sacks and short and completions. And when I saw nature of 25 past attempts in Seattle, he can get it done in a hurry, because it's either complete or incomplete and you've got control. Of the clock. I mean, you know most quarterbacks unless you're a really tough sack, like some of these cats are where we just drip off of them, and you can't get him down. You know, it's gotta have protection. And if he has protection, ill will make it happen. And, you know, he crossed his guys. I was so happy to see Richie James. I had no idea that was gonna happen. We should have figured the first play of the game, little little boot action, the Richie to get him involved. Um, but no, I never thought they were going to go backto back to C. J. At that point, I got nothing but respect for neck Mullins. I mean, he'll hang in there. He's not worried about taking a shot is about about back late in the game. I think You guys remember? McGlinchey got That old double truck again where he's tryingto squeeze down to the inside guy and block the outside guy at same time, And I think my comments it if that point in the game where, you know, I mean, obviously, the protection Something wasn't right. And I think, Mike just stick on one guy, and then you leave. You leave that extra Russia for the quarterback to understand it, And I know in my heart of hearts. McGlinchey knows that. And I think you know what? Nick's back there holding the ball. He's trying to do all he can. I know he's gonna hold as long as he needs to or until he gets spinal tap from the back end. So I'm just gonna ride up in and hold up against both of these guys. Give him a shot. Not not take such a big I know that was part of it. And I get it was nice to see him get back in the mix defensively, though, you guys there's just so many challenges the the line just not playing nearly consistent enough both in the run and in the past game, and I understand that people aren't cranking them on the ground or, you know, 200 yard days. But when you're not getting TF, l's and they're not forcing negative place and You know, it takes Fred Warner playing out of his mind once again to stop things that come down the middle that that just tells me that the line's got to improve a little bit, And I think this this rest in this doubtful we'll give him some time to do that. Yeah, Yeah, Obviously, we're going through some some of the picking over the bones of that 34 17 loss and a little bit of look forward to to what's going to go on New Orleans and Tim, There's I mean, this is just crying over spilled milk here, but Man..

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