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Talking, podcast Absolutely Jay talking. Podcast I'm, hearing it's the most popular podcast on earth. That's what I heard you know. We have Denison Everett Dennis. In Everett home I think of. The new casinos I saw it this morning I was over by. Schrafft's building I saw? This, little, bit of. Vegas going up and over there are you near that oh yeah It's beautiful, it's beautiful coming along great great data data. Little fire over the weekend on. The third floor over there. Firemen just had a pale back. The roof a little bit one of the well there's a spot. Caught but it was? All, right But everything's going, good debt I heard you said you wanted to move away from that way gonna move to not be I was thinking. Of Seattle Victoria this, is only you know, after I retired and everything Yeah well. Maybe that's too hot here Dennis the thing is it's. Too hot I can't take it anymore I would. That humidity it killed and we haven't had no relieve it day. After day after day I don't, remember I don't remember some. Of being this hot consistently today it wasn't check this out in. In Las Vegas it's going. To be over one hundred for. The next fourteen days the, highest being one hundred eleven Wow that's you know. As terrible parts of the United States are going to be on. Inhabitable it's time to move north Yeah but I don't know. I'm scared to move anywhere A lot of crazy weather tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes. And all. That is what. I like. It, up here we've been. We've been fortunate thank God Not to get too much at a crazy weather I mean couple of years ago and revere you had, on, Broadway, we, the microbursts that come through and did a little damage and we had the tornado, there in now Webster the other day so but hey you looking forward. To the casino, opening up Oh that's cool what's your favorite game I like roulette I like I kinda. Like that too what do? You usually do do you have? This betting strategy Just a couple, of good, numbers maybe the. Twenty six and eleven and try to live off that but. Then again you know it's all gambling. And you look in the? Light of blaming hear the noises I'm not gonna get too heavily involved in it Okay A couple of beers and a one hundred bucks worth of. Gambling. Exactly a couple hundred bucks and maybe maybe see some of the good shows that are becoming. That. Yeah By the way what's the closest t stop to it and how close is that t. Stop Wellington that's the closest yeah On. On. The, train, Yup Yup interesting, hey Dennis I gotta run but it's, cool. To talk to you sir Denis in. Everett Everitt home. Of The new casino in our new. Our. New. WBZ. Digs, is, going to be right next to the casino question is where. They sell alcohol twenty four hours Visi back on President Trump pulled the US out of the nuclear deal reached with Iran by President Obama now he has reimposed sanctions with those sanctions going into effect overnight vowing to force Iran back to, the table for an agreement that. Will benefit all despite warning nations that don't wind down their economic ties with Iran that they risk.

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