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Between sorrento and grammercy the monumental task committee is calling the removal of four confederate era monuments in a warnings and excessive use of funds by the city wwltv's katie steiner report said that he says the removal process cost more than two million dollars that lander administration spent more than seven hundred thousand dollars a public money for safety measures it says were necessary during the protests and the when the city actually took them down so when a favorite early this weekend the president of the monumental task committee appear magai said quote everyone should be outraged over the mayor's use a public money when new orleans has so many pressing needs will you may have already knows is an increase in the number of mosquitoes in the area which used to be expected with all the rain we've seen the past week lsu act center at amalaj as christa healy recommends taking steps to protect yourself where longsleeve anlong paying better lightly covered epa registered repellent also making sure you don't have any water in your own backyard and you're not predicting around keito she says the socalled floodwater mosquitoes are more nuisance pests than anything they'll bite a lot but they're not the mosquitoes usually associated with west nile virus of the thirty first annual french market creole tomato festival wraps up evening in walls sixteen food vendors are featuring the local delicacies draw of our our who'd rather to win an could provide at least one career tomato dish should be from great a variety of dishes out year pretrade decree tomato festival organizer jeremy smith.

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