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And I don't know if you're aware of this. But about eighty five to ninety percent of the cars that they have on their used car. Lot came from customers, not the. Yeah. So you definitely want to keep that in mind, plus any car you buy on the lot that used can be service right there at alcohol and Ford they have a quick lane service where factory trained technicians can work on your vehicle to matter. What the maker model is and you'll still get the great prices that you're so used to getting their alcohol and Ford fifteen ninety five east main street and alcohol on big big supporters of Borana speedway. And we can't thank them enough for all their year round support of Borana in with that being said, we've got dirt dude on the line. Are you doing buddy? I'm doing good. How about you guys? Too bad. What are you gonna do for the rest of the year? Resi your next five months man, sleep by said, what are you gonna do with us? I am probably gonna have. Do a couple of desert trips. And then I'll have some monster trucks carrying out that wary and watch a lot of reruns in you know, try and catch up on race aware. I can. Yeah. Well, it sounds like it's so last night sounds like it was a good time. And how did that work out doing the awards at the end of the show was that that everybody's really liked that? Yeah. Yeah. I know. Ended. So that way you're not coming back January worry in the next year. I mean, it's nice to go on a big banquet. And everyone gets all dressed up. And you come back. You know, a lot of people are like they're already checked out doing stuff or made plans after the holidays. So you have to. Banquet is only good for a very small handful of people. Mostly just the winner. The people the top side in the innovation are really going to be there for that. So and I get it. I get it. I get it. But I know I've sat in the audience and watched other people win and it's not the most enjoyable evening. So it's kind of I think very smart way to do it because he really is. And you will get it at the Bank with two, and that's your peers your peers are the ones that are are the supportive ones. And you know, the fact that you you won the trophy you won the the whole series. But if you didn't win it. Then you gotta go spend money on. I mean, I think it's a smart move. I mean, I'm sure there's pro and con, but I think it it. It's it's where the awards should be. And that's at the track. Yeah. We've done a couple of times in the track. And we've done a couple of times at banquet. This makes both ways, you know, every once in a while maybe a refi doing it in a hotel. Yeah. I mean last night, actually, it's pretty good. We had over seven hundred fans we had fourteen or fourteen more show up in sixty five cars. It was it was a good turnout by everybody junior sprayed swim with the open. Call their season came together and had a big wing on his car, and that car just ran really strong and helping cops vision the New York masters, TJ Sexton gotta win and turn it Cardi in our meteoric. Sportsman's gotta win. I'd like know get a shot out to everyone. There are rookies of the year and the pure stocks got Jason Saunders that kid just moved up year year and a half ago from the from the small track. One of our junior drivers age based on the big track. Now, also say McCain McGowan, he got the pony rookie of the year. Chain Sexton got his seven main event win last night. And he was the rookie of the year, and he stopped bunnies. Gerry? Anderson was the rookie year in the modified the streets. Tenor Puckett, I think you might have talked to him right data before. Andy dwarf cars Jacob Colton broke of the year junior. Sprint? This is the overall all they all shaved after the end the overall championship for the divisions last night, California showed up Dominic Del Monte got a minivan, and it would be good battle between. Jerry, Kramer, Bobby McCain, and Brad Sexton so twenty one. California. Laney spread showed up last night. Turn out to different lawnmower to business. Way out of Arizona to race with us lawnmower resigned. They had like a just a regular GP class, and it was pretty much lower deck on it. The more is pretty much a stock more with a single cylinder. You could build it. You can kinda lowered a little bit. But you know, it's unlimited class. So you really kind of limited on what why rich in the tank, and then we went into the supermodel on Moore's and this is pretty much stock Cal and one section of the stock frame. Usually the middle section is dot framed. Everything else is you know, whatever you wanna make nad twin twenty cylinder Motors in and they were just low and mean, they almost sound like a drag hardy when they were going around the corner down the stairway. So men, Gary Pepsi one that got a minivan win. And the last time they out the sixteen Luke paths, which is son got the main win so back and forth. And you know, just like they did last time. Dad, actually beat the sun last time in the sun beat the dead eight sixteen of Luke paths when he's coming out of turn four and into the straightway heat. You see budget the Carter steps out. I mean, this is going on the straightaway sideways because it's got so much cork, and it's just going. So did you strap on did you strap on? Did you go out and take for a ride Norwood? Let me did. I would have no one would let you did. You ask. I didn't know because you know. Hey, it's not my quit. I'm not going to go out and tear it out. Go. I'm trying to do is show. You know, it'd be entertaining out there. But everybody everybody well during intermission. I would love. Well, you don't, but you could do put your headset on and just go out there. You don't have to do complete hammer down. I mean, you're gonna have fun with it is I know you wanna drive one. I there's a couple of things drive out there. You're driving along back back in an industry stocks. Dave cappella guy, another main event win stems one for tonight modified teric Evans got his third main event. Win are pro ponies went to. Dennis Taylor with a fourteenth main event win. I mean, he pretty much dominated the season in stock bunny was the seventy seven th minute minute for the thirty six Shane sex. So and our pure stocks are last was. Last night. Christopher Evans got a second mandate, man and are division. Champions was inner Superstock the canine mad dog micro will our streets. Dachshunds Paul Dan Berger, the door cards is John Isabella the modules. Roy Henry are pure stocks. Jason ridge are pony. Stocks. Was Russell Staley and our Dennis Taylor. And last night the workers were on their own open comping, and they took off without giving me like information. I I did have breaking list dirt in points when I did the awards ceremony. Robert Peter showed up with an open com car and pretty much ran away with it. Got a fast car. And I said this what you're going to see how much difference. These open cars are John Isabel has got a real fast car him and the ninety one right O'Connor Stevens for for points. When so those are two fast cars John was leading. And then he just kinda flew by a couple of action and just took off that much of a big difference in what and show you how cool is that Britney got thirty points. Rhino Carter was second in points. And I think he had or or six event win and Jonathan Bella was first in points, and they had retired almost pretty much per wins for four six. So you're to most wins where first and second and Brittany. What's third? So I'm like, that's great. That. Standing finishing all every race. Right. Yeah. Consistent. She she showed up. She finished. She trailer. He showed up she finished. She trailer stayed out of trouble didn't get in any real didn't get in anybody's way, super respectful driver. But yet consistent, and I think she learned every race because every race. She was she would end up placing in a better location. What's nice 'cause she didn't race last night? And I got to sit down and actually talk to our watching the hot obsession. So we got dog. She's telling me about what about, you know, the learning lines that you know, the learning of the game face and and getting into the whole season she got late in the season really started focusing on what she was doing. So, you know, she's talking about how she needs to change your focus, and you know, where she needs to be focusing more. And then hopefully next year, you know, win the main event and me and a third points is like a phenomenal. Out of all the cars that we had out there. Well, here's the thing. She got third points over the whole season. And she didn't even race last night. She was able to throw that race basically away and still come in third. That's huge last night was open com. So that means they already finished your point. Oh, gotcha. Gotcha. Gotcha. That was a freebie on points because they already finished the championship. That's why they went. Okay, bring whatever you want. And it's gonna be open calm because there's no points being scored. So guys are showing up with wings. Some of these other guys had like these wedge shaped dwarf cars, then you could start running a different a different tire can actually run like a sprint car tire. Like, the mini sprayed tires just didn't normal. You know, the they're limited on size. You can run on a dwarf car tire houses show. It was good. Wait kinda long. Adelaide starting to a divisions. Go to man and there'd be words equity afterwards. Had a band plane had some food gave out all the trophies. You know, just hung out afterwards and had some more than just enjoyed the company. We everybody had you know for a while. And you know, 'cause it'd be like you said they're talking about looking at the schedule maybe sometime, July, maybe ended July. So that's what they're gonna come up with another schedule. So but we don't race till March. So I mean, yeah. That's about four to five months taking off now. So thank you. Thank you. Judy and Todd and Tricia, Troy, everyone, you know, they they really did a great job this year. I try really brought some some great tracks to us. And just you know, God and Judy managing it, and then taking over for promotion and stuff all we had a great group of on tears from our score keepers to our flagger to everyone working to corners working all of our different sections, staging, you know, Nancy and Roger Harper Roger took over race director Nancy took over staging after Debbie and Mark Chapman lap. And you know, it's been really great with them. They really took it over and really went with it. And like the whole banquet thing, Nancy good all the trophies. She on the people do and did all that. She's been doing since Debbie laughed. And you know, there's just a ton of people that track just are just, you know, making that thing go, right? You couldn't do it without them. Yeah. It takes a village. You know, what they say take your village? And then you had that transition to with the racers against drugs thing going on too. Yeah. That's still going on. And and you know, the high masters taken that over and starting to work with it. So yeah, she was here last night. I guess you went there to see some family. So she wasn't really racing our track, but she came to watch and was getting ready for the last race in Paris out. Because I think a lot of are a few of our drivers up there racing for the night of champions. Think is what they call it or something. Yeah. Next saturday. Yeah. Yep. Should be should be a phenomenal time. Yeah. I was talking to Shelly wilder last night in Dennis is going to run. And she wanted me to come back. Like, oh my gosh. Two weeks in a row. I don't know. Yeah. All right, buddy. Hey, so you'll be keeping the website alive and well all all throughout the off season. Maybe we can get some more drivers to come in. And maybe do some K US. I bring down some of the champions. Well, a lot of fun. So you, and I need to stay in touch love to have you in and hang out with this. Maybe covering motor sports..

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