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What are you gonna get for him when he's up this summer? And it's where the Knicks. I don't know just the next one of your early. I don't know what the Knicks give you the pick. And they wouldn't you be the pick. Would you do the unprotected pick right now? If you're the Knicks Anthony Davis. Yeah. I would in the second thing. Most people wouldn't know ways. I Williamson rookie contract rookie scale. Yeah. I go. Nope. I know it Anthony Davis is way. The Knicks of things have gone in the past for them were just hasn't worked out with raisins or doing this just to get that guy that building he said he's gonna resign. Like just do it. I figured out later. Then more people are going to want to go there. I'm with you. We're in agreement. But the kyri I've had. The weird thing about this is you hope to say something that resonates gets picked up. But after the Paul George, slam disaster. I'm I'm fearful of how I say the things that I'm going to say, and I'm probably too vague now because of it which sucks, but I've had one guy that always consistently said he's not going to resign there. I'm like do. He just told everybody this season ticket thing. Like, if you'll have me and have kyri bean, brilliant and going I'm just going to be all the way in and get these people to not ask me about it all year long and it kinda worked right up into a win. He said I'm going to do what's best for me. That's me, July. I like, wait a minute. Why did you do that? And did he give honesty? I guess he did, you know, would he have would? I mean, everybody if he leaves. All the people in Boston. It's the same Celtics fans that I would argue with that Rhonda was top five and better than Chris Paul because he had a ring. And you're like, this is the dumbest thing ever this. He's out of there. It's like, yeah. You sucked. The kyri love fest. That'll be the most instant hatred ever for that dude in Boston. If he if he decides to bounce after saying what he said, and I don't really blame. I don't blame guys gonna ham sticking around. Like, everybody gets all these college football coaches like what he's supposed to get two more games to play. Another a lot of rumors. But Dan Virginia Tech sick job. I take that second. We're gonna try to coach him up these next two weeks and win a championship. So I don't blame Kyrie for this one. I just find him day to day with the quotes and the way he weighs oil differently. And. It's I can't I can't figure him out for the life of me. There's there's plenty of people to leave the go. Oh, yeah. He and Katie I'd be like, how do you know that? How do you know that it's early that wrapped up? There's no way, you know, that there's no way you know, that so you can you can hear whatever you wanna hear just no one's convince me that they know what the hell's going on with higher either. So I don't know. If if he does leave and they don't get Anthony Davis. And you know, they they're core kind of just Tatum and and Brown in that group like. I just think about Danny ages image at that point. Because we all thought like, oh my God so much smarter than everybody else. They're they're living in three thousand nineteen everybody else's whatever they would take a pretty big for that. I would imagine. And I don't know how they would obviously I don't know how good they are like with Tatum and Brown only. I mean that would be the money more quarterback about oh, you should have done this this and this. But what should they've not done the kyri deal where they did it. And then he bounced. They can't trade for Anthony Davis. They can't trade form, you know, they can't trade for him. And I think there's a bigger like more fun thing in a slower week..

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