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Sports thirteen hundred. finally some presentation of Westwood One sports. for the Carolina Panthers in Tampa Bay bucs week one did not go as planned McCaffrey leaks out into the route. intended for also ticked off down the sideline to the twenty fifteen to the twelve yard line little to spill at the twelve is the stand by the gun Winston dropping looking game guess the castle where it's. twenty five. three two one forty Niners that'll doing another pick six to a ball game and now with the Bucks and Panthers facing each other tonight Tampa quarterback Jameis Winston is eager to move on in a preseason well we got a great job of eliminating negatives and building on Aug and with so we we had to that was set up process if you have a division opponent cannot overlook Carolina and that's what we gotta put their last game we got a hold on this. we will be facing his former teammate Gerald record the star defensive tackle may be looking for some revenge against the team that released him in the off season but more importantly he's hoping to avoid. you start I don't want to go into when done it too many times in my career you're really good team so you never want to live. to. we got a bounce back it's a Tennessee self battle as the box and panniers open Thursday night football next. if it's Thursday night football it's our Westwood One. let's say delays stadium enjoying the I. an angel and Tony bookseller. we welcome you to a bank of America stadium in Charlotte the start of week two of the NFL season as the Carolina Panthers host.

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