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Seles home performed i live on your visits by dorothy parker when i was first introduced to dorothy parker's work when i was in high school it was presented to us as are these stories funny and they were funny but i think what made me love dorothy parker is how sad and how de per stories are often letting people are funny people don't give them credit for their writing when you look at dorothy parker sentence by sentence she's an astonishing writer and a writer who still feel some mater i think as modern day as she did in twenty he's thirty when she wrote her best material i mean i've seen a couple of movies based on things that dorothy parker wrote the mother okay them come close to the pleasure of reading her because what you don't get in film adaptations is you don't get the rhythm and the exactitude of her writing and the sorrow shines through either way there does on the page or your hand somebody her allah i'm david said aris after a brief break snakebite you're listening to selected short recorded live in performance at symphony space and new york city and other venues nationwide for p r i public radio international.

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