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And it was very diverse group. So. African Bravo for that. Hillary Clinton, quote is right. Yeah. Taken village, really guns. And I've my son's proof of that. Because more tolerance martyr person you want to make. Yeah. I always traveling a lot. I I maybe it's because they grew up in the midwest. I knew that was a big world out there. But but that to always fascinates me. You talked to someone you talked to someone from a place like where you grew up, and, you know, from quite a young age that you can't live there forever. And that to me is so interesting to just sort of a lot of my friends from the time they were eleven twelve years old. They said, I know I can't live here forever. And that's I don't know that I thought that. I just I cannot honestly say that I felt like I wasn't with my. Yeah. I'm not sure fund my people yet. Maybe I'm looking for them through these movies. Maybe the problem is me. But you know, I mean, that's that's a classic. You know, adolescent growing up trying to find them out his identity, but I think that was very strong when I was growing up. I'm going to ask you a interview type question, we always have a conversation on what's the best location? You've ever been on. And what's the worst location? And who do you hate? Okay. Get warmed up the best location. That's so hard to say. But one thing that pops in my mind, I did a movie very little seen movie with director Mark Pepple was probably better known as a screenwriter. We worked with Bertolucci worked with. He as a young man, he wrote a lot of beautiful screenplays did a movie called victory based on the Joseph Conrad novel, and we shot in Malaysia, Indonesia. And Germany, and I remember it. We were on. We went on a period ship. Some of the time, and I'd just climb over the side. We'd be going to a an island location that you can only reach by ship. We'd be in this period shift by being my wardrobe and I'd stripped down to you know, underwear I'd go down the side. I'd swim to the island. They'd make me with my costume there. And we'd found we were living a life that was a tropical island life shooting. A film. In an area that was basically uninhabited, and it was just thrilling because you're out of the difference between the living and the fiction of the story was there was very little that was blurred. And it was so exciting, and it was such beautiful area. And so I love that. I love that when you're on location, and you create a new experience in that helps of course, inform the. Everything.

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