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The film became one of the highest grossing films of that era the movie received five academy. Award. Nominations. Then, the nineteen forties Charlie started voicing his political opinions in his films and Monsieur Verdoux. He condemned the capitalists for encouraging war by selling weapons of mass destruction even though the film was a hit and other countries in the USA, it failed terribly during World War Two he also advocated the idea of a US Soviet partnership. So his image in the USA was tarnished blaming him for being a communist Charlie however denied being a communist. Then, Nineteen forty-three Charlie was slapped with a paternity suit after he refused to acknowledge the pregnancy of a budding actress named Joan Berry many charges were slapped against Charlie by the FBI who wanted to damage Charlie's image after learning about his political ideologies. What followed was a bitter court battle in one, thousand, nine, forty, four, Charlie was declared to be the child's father and. was ordered to pay child support to the mother till the age of twenty one, just two weeks after the suit was filed news came in that Charlie had secretly married his trainee who know, Neil this worsen Charlie's image O'Neill was Charlie's fourth wife and remained with him until his death they had eight children together. Charlie described this marriage the happiest years of his life. His next film was an autobiographical film called limelight. Many of his family members worked in this film since the theme was set in London Charlie decided to hold the premiere of this film there. So he left Los Angeles but once he left the USA his permit to reenter the USA was revoked due to his political and moral behavior after being banned from the USA Charlie Chaplin and his family settled in Switzerland. He spent the rest of his life there even though he did take some films he spent most of the last two decades of his life preparing his old movies for rerelease. The wards and honors? Charlie, received the International Peace Prize in Nineteen fifty-three for his contribution to global peace and friendship among nations..

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