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When it comes to my pick actually we're going to have to co i mean likely on louis but that's the same by week is aid greg olson's out there he gets hurt a lot i bet you gets heard the season even though he's fourthranked tired in evan ingraham's out there as well i have four picks until my next pick so i mean as much as i want to go get another tight end or seaver gonna go with running back and it's going to be jj i because i think he's gonna but i mean other than corey climent i think is going to be the guy there in philly and he's gonna get a lot of touches so we're gonna go jj with this because he's kinda similar dion lewis obviously he's gonna get a lot as well as evident gringos was wilson went devante parker into funchess go also as i'm no searing again at a running at a receiver poboy because jj becomes my flex player also tied alternate quarterback honestly thinking about taking quarterback right now because of the fact that all these guys are gonna go pretty soon so let's just take do breeze i liked you breeze also carson wentz is out there i think actually carson wentz play the better pick here we'll take carson wentz coming off the injured which is fire men little bit of a little bit question marks there ju brees was gone in between cam newton's gone as far as quarterbacks go so i probably would have been brussel this every time jimmy garoppolo goes seventh round while burger these are higher than usual kirk cousins seventy around ended up being the quarterback around four quarterbacks taking seventh round so far.

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