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Court logo coming out to get the pass of a high post is Alfred Hollins flashing underneath has Reichel gets the past into deep, and he tries to go whack side with it to Vernon hit off his hand. But Antoine chases down with six seconds on the shot clock. Vernon out top over to Holland and Holland's skits fouled we'll bail out there because the shot clock was it three. And I don't know that Alfred had anything so Oregon state gets a bit of a break there with nine oh nine to go. And that foul is on Brandon porter. His second personal fouls sixteen so for the final nine minutes to go. The next foul will be shooting for Oregon state. They inbound on the sideline Reichel Thompson to Reichel shoots up a deep three from near the sideline a hits the. Goes up high hits the iron again. And then on the rebound think they're going to call it over the top foul. No. This ought to be on the Wyoming Cowboys. Alfred Hollins secured the ball. He was right next to Tyler Kelly. But there was a cowboy player in there. And that does not make Alan Edwards. Happy the head coach of the Cowboys. And a timeout is called by believe Wyoming. And it's a thirty second timeout will keep it here as well. As the beavers gathered just to my right to talk about things. All right nine zero two to go here in the first half. It is Oregon state twenty three the Cowboys eleven it's been awhile since anybody has scored right now the leading score in the ball game for Oregon state is well Thompson and Holland's with six but traced tinkle was on the bench right now with eleven points. Alfred Holland says five rebounds, by the way, and and Ethan Thompson already with three assists. So the beers are moving the ball. All right on the court. It's the job of the defense to protect the rim on the road is the job of the twenty nine thousand nine Nissan robe to help protect.

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