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This encouraging milestone got a ways to go. President Biden will hold a summit with Vladimir Putin next month in Geneva. This will be a face to face meeting that comes amid escalating tensions between the two countries. During the first months of This new administration, The White House confirmed details. Today. It looks like it's going to be June 16th. It'll be tacked onto the end of Biden's first international trip as president next month used to the story about Rand Paul getting a threatening letter at his home. Was it from his neighbor? No. But it references neighbor the FBI's investigating this It was an envelope with a photo of a bruised and bandaged Rand. Paul after his neighbor attacked him. There was a gun image next to Rand Paul's head and the words I'll finish what your neighbors started. You, MF er, But wait Richard Marx is connected to this story, a singer Yeah, from the nineties. Yeah, that guy with the I mean late barely into the nineties, like late eighties and the tiny bit of the nineties Rand, Paul said. Just this weekend, Richard Marx called for violence against me. And now we received this despicable, powder filled letter. By the way, Jonesey reported earlier. There were powder was non toxic. Richard Marx tweeted on Yes, that Richard Marx tweeted on Sunday. I'll say it again. If I ever meet Rand, Paul's neighbor, I'm going to hug him and buy him as many drinks as he can consume. Well, Rand Paul while he does make good points, he does strike me as the person who you want to strike in the face. Well, Yeah, I got that attitude. He does have an attitude, but I mean, the thing about what I understand is what did Rand Paul say that drew the ire of Ah, just Ah, you know, cultural icon like Richard Marx. Endless summer nights. 90 hold onto the nights he was big on the Knights Hold onto the nights. He was right here waiting now and forever. Learned to be a man to some of those songs. Not really. That's gross a little awkward. Austin Buechner Uh, the did you just try to clean up what you just said with Austin Butin er, this soon to be former head of L. A Unified says that things are gonna be back to normal, really? In the fall. That means elementary school students were going campus five days a week for a full day of in person instruction with their teacher and classmates, Middle school and high school students who got a campus five days a week for a full schedule of instruction. Changing classrooms for each period Now. Separately, the teachers union Believes in let no crisis go unused. They last week called for maintaining safety measures hiring more union members and raising pay because, of course they did. Well, You know what you could do is you can You can throw dollar bills, Dollar dollar bills y'all at the cove it and that makes everybody safer. I think. Nope. Yes, It does not, however, words thought putting my fingers in my ears and saying, blah, blah, blah. That's how it works. This is going to be, I think in the years Following Cove. It This is going to be autopsied as the absolute worst thing we've done to our future as a country is keeping kids out of school for a year. Last year at this time. I understand why there was a fear. There was a frustration there was the unknowns were were ridiculous. And I my daughter was a senior in high school, so she lost. All of those things that should have been the end of high school prom graduation. You know, friends all of that stuff. She lost all that. I understood the fear last year, but holding the kids hostage. As we move into the fall of 2021 for greater pay for union members is disgusting. It's shameful. Now. I don't know what changed in Austin Butte Ners tone. I don't know what He He's stepping down next month, I believe is when he put his sort of self imposed retirement deadline, and I don't know what conversations he's had in the last couple of weeks that Changed his mind about the policies for the fall. I'm happy that they did. I'm happy for anybody who has a kid and l a unified that your kid is actually gonna go back to school and begin the very long, arduous process of Fixing. The deficiencies that were imposed upon them by the teacher's union and their fears. Their unfounded fears was not fear It was they wanted money, and they had their unions, telling them to Talk about their fears to tow that line instead of the We just want a money grab here. Joel Delmon lives in the West Adams neighborhood, he says. I support unions. I support teachers. He's got boys in seventh and 10th grade. Both have shown signs of depression PS, he says. But what has happened this year has been a disaster and my eyes were opened up to the fact that this disaster is due to U. T L. A And the board L. A Unified board, which is supposed to represent parents. But he says, does not listen to parents at all. I would even go a step farther than that. Joel and I would say that the board is INGE engaged. Well, the board is supposed to represent the students. That's your main customer. That's that's who you are. That's who you signed up to serve. When you got into the business of teaching, but I go back to the John Kobylt rule whenever something is for the Children. It's absolutely not for the Children. It's for money. Follow the money. Jan Williams, on the other side is part of a group called Reclaim Our Schools. Closely allied with the union, and she says that her son will remain in distance learning. She's concerned because of the conditions the schools were in before they even shut down the overcrowded classrooms. The bathrooms didn't have hot running water. They didn't have soap in the bathrooms. Most of the time. That's not a way to be co vid. Safe. If they can't properly wash their hands. We know that that's not how this thing is transmitted. We've known for a long time. Now. That's not how this but people are still you know, playing the hits they're playing. We gotta have plexiglass. We got to keep people six ft apart. Even though CDC says three FT in the school is just fine. We gotta make sure that people don't make eye contact with each other because you could get the sick right in your eyeballs. The longest serving member of the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee says that canceling the Olympics is off the table. We'll get into it. We come back. Gary and Tiana will continue in for handle today in the newsroom. Jennifer Jones Lee has an update. Moderna says it's coded 19 vaccine is 100% effective in.

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