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And how can i best clung you and all the great stuff that we have the resources the diligence and you know. Help you go jimmy done. That's one and then as you mentioned too and we're will spend most of the time. Today is the lead for obvious venture network and at a high level right obvious venture network is really if you took the fifty plus systems in the broader network about a third or a quarter of them have strategic investment arm or adventure branch and that is associated with their system and they look to invest capital alongside adopted technologies and so our whole venture network is really focused on supporting that subset of members and all really started about three years ago where one of our more gung ho investor health systems really just raised their hand at the have you right worship investor. We know there are some other ones in the network. Can you just put us in a room. Let's just talk. Best practices investment strategies and learn from each other. And so starting there you know we have just grown a ton which is interest in this space and venture capital in the healthcare ecosystem. So now we're at a spot where we have over a dozen helpless ministers in in bencher network right there collectively worth over three quarters of a billion in total assets under management and we've now really surfaced over thirty direct digital here companies investing opportunity to that group so exciting stuff within that space. And if i were to just give a little bit of color on kind of the nuts and bolts right you can really understand mentioned at work by understanding anchor ourselves and really these quarterly shark tank style where we'll take the twelve system investors. We just talked about you know..

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