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The new kbc dot com and stories you want to share curated for you fair and honest. Check it out. ABC. Com Traffic next one again groceries Alexa can help with that. Wanna get the temperature She could help with that, too. Want to get it right? Just say let's enable the K A. B C A m skill. Okay, Here's a M 7 90 k A. B. C A BBC dependable traffic. We start with breaking news. TMZ is reporting that Hustler founder Larry Flynt is dead at age 78 Now back to traffic. Lancaster SIG Alert. The 1 38 is shut down in both directions right now because of a crash. It's between 210th Street West and 178th Street, West South El Monte, the 605 South bound before the 60 crashing the car pool and left lane traffic is stopped from Valley. Anaheim, the 91 westbound after State College Boulevard Disabled vehicle shoulder blocked traffic is completely stopped right now from Tustin Avenue, and it's getting worse. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trip on a M 7 90 K. ABC from East L. A to West L. A. Get it. Right. A seven night. Okay, ABC. It's Peter Tilden with Valentine's Day upon us. Don't miss the final Five days of Royal Jim's Going out of business sale. Everything must go. You can save up to 80% diamond rings, pendants and hearings there. 17 2 of five Insured Boulevard in the Plaza Day or or call 818347. 79 74 save like Never Before. Who is Kevin Faulconer is San Diego Mayor. The city paid $202.

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