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When we're told talking about his business order president network and we're gonna take a deep dive into the important role of the order appraiser and what makes a successful and the different ways to determine replacement value that say a mouthful. Isn't it data work to the show much. Here's absolutely great to have you here now. I've david inaugur just speaking little earlier about the ins and outs of the auto prize and network and it's for us to cover in a relatively short amount of time but first of all david let's say a little bit more bad. Where are you located time for you right here in the point so fantastic and it's obviously summertime they is. It is now being that. You're in the automotive industry do you. Do you have hobbies. It would wanna them because yes obviously. Yeah i spent a lot of time. Going car shows and lot of my friends have collectible cards. We i work on my own personal vehicle and settle the me and all my cures. All how automotive bug in common do you have In particularly and you collection do you just have one. I don't have you know. It's funny as appraiser. I don't have a collection. I i have a lot of clients with cars it. I end up with a lot of friends with the asked me to hold their vehicles so there you know one of my friends getting divorced we stash this car for me. And i'll keep it shirt and registered and you can drive. Different cars porsches. Ferraris exotic cars cars. Yeah i love a love having cars an always had some some really nice cars in our in our office data favorite as far as a favorite. I don't have a favorite har i. I like some obscure hers. These moscow panshir is one of my favorite ours. If i had to have one right now on san i love you know you what we've got a place called. The bird would a museum here where i live and have all of the ears of vehicles and it is an amazing experience when you go to these places and they start off with the wooden wheel type vehicle all the way up to current day and everything in between it's like going through a times and like a time warp do you. I guess my question is how back in the order appraise business. Do you go with the vehicles. We all regular basis. I appraised brass. Eric cars to eighteen ninety. So they're all you know some of their original vehicles that you know from the from the day i remember that stands out the most one of the original portions a big wagon wheel type of vehicle but it was electric back in the day. Those those original cars. That portion was a chapter man and so one of their first cars was actually electric. So when you when you're in the the guy can only imagine some of the exotic you would say guess. What are the some of the most expensive ones that you've seen there. There's been a couple that are just like my dog. just i can't believe my eyes when i see it. So one of them would be one of my clients has what's called a worry. So back in the sixties furry did not produce any convertible cars and the local importer in the united states. Wanted to import believed that they would be easier to sell flory's if they had a convertible and keep in mind back in the day. I didn't have a jewish network or part serves and so one of the first cars. They came out with a car that he wanted import. It was called was was a it was actually a. It's called berlin at convertible so his organization was called the north american race team. So they those early cars. There's ten of them in called mark in a rt. And i got on praise one of those and client one in his other update on the radio basis. And it's probably in the million dollar range that's blow and i sit he thinking to myself. I'm looking at and speaking with an encyclopedia of knowledge as somebody who has started the business in this game. I'd love to. I learn about the genesis of the organization. How did they come back. Was purely on the sesame. I needed to stay employed. And my my. I've always pardon me. The appraisal business engineering background. So i work as a as a as electrical engineer. I worked in nuclear physics and worked on all kinds of accelerator part. Quick slow readers for universities. And my job i had right before doing all appraisal business be were acquired by a company that is headquartered in colorado. And we're in california and They said that they would relocate all the everybody that needed to go out there and i declined the relocation because i'm from california i i do something california. Get another job you get and so basically out on the sesame. They offered me position. I'm helping them. Transform all the price of the californian support and everything to colorado and during that time they financed my office. My internet might cell phones. Everything i needed to run a business except for i wasn't working full time. I help them. Transition everything out where to go on the in that time period i had been doing some some some might form of appraisal or it was and my friends with asked me to do these things for him. I do it and developed a system for sending him photographs and in communicating with them value and conditional this since i had developed that i use the time that my employer with pain for to look into if it was a viable business for me to do appraisals in if i did appraisals if i wanted to do a big how would i how. How can i utilize people and local markets in florida and mean orland san diego and all different people to work together to do these appraisals on a national basis and what legal requirements to do that pitfalls. Try to try to put together some kind of a business model to wear. I mean the people people in those markets. Can you got and i can utilize.

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