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Hall of fame get as much money as you can that risk is worth the reward but for guys like alex rodriguez mark mcgwire sosa any rafael palmeiro any of these guys who had visions of the hall of fame that's what you were risking in putting on the line of course they worked of course you couldn't hit seventy home runs without him because roger marriage the sixty one it stayed forever stood forever and then guys like bonds mcgwire sosa easily clips that number why enlarge part because they were taking pd's they stayed fresh the entire season they work would have dumb thing to say look the record stood for was it thirty five years ninety eight sixty one in ninety seven years yeah no one had sixty one home runs no one in between like nineteen ninety eight and two thousand ten or something like that it was like seven guys sixty home run maguire's crushing them bonds is crush them sosas him he guys guys guys are fifty that never but it is at work but then i don't wanna hear the you could have done it does stop if you get asked the question i guess brian house like why are they even doing this because his twenty years yeah the one year but just say just say i don't know i don't know i shouldn't have taken him we'll never know i don't know no one wants to hear of course they could have done it look i think he took it a lot earlier than just that see i agree i think there's a good chance even even come close to the number he hits maybe five hundred one because he probably can't stay healthy.

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