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Sorry, sorry. Sorry. Sorry, Kevin sorry, everybody little voice Gumma spit. Sorry. So it was good. And Eddie's Eddie from jets and Carol would will be once again, providing pizza for the prom on June fourteenth. I haven't idea I wanted to run by you so J P from broader JP's coming down to the. Oh, yes, he said it's his worst nightmare, but he still wants to help out apple a day. Thank you. And he I think he wanted Monica to go with them. So, you know, somebody, you can hang out, but I she's going to Chicago. So I was thinking, maybe we can find. I know he's married, but maybe just, you know, we find J P abroad for the evening. No, any say broad. That's an interesting word choice because that's, that's a word that I would have used for a woman back in the day. And that's I impressed that JP and I are very similar in that regard in that he might have used that term for a woman back in the day to like, let's go look for some broads. That's I don't know. I don't know J P for back in the day, but that, that would be my guess. So I mean it would no disrespect. I just feel like he's abroad. Man seems like you'd be abroad, man. Yeah. I don't think you have to go too far into the past to find JP using the term broad. So I mean, yeah, I mean what is this broad gotta be down for? Okay. So let's, let's set up some guidelines and some ground rules, number one, she has to respect the fact that JP is indeed a married, man. And unlike most of. Us in radio probably faithful. So she has to understand, there's probably not going to be any horizontal hokey pokey needs to respect his anxiety, because he has that too much like you. Yeah. So she has to she has to be well-versed. It's gonna be a calming presence. Okay. It's so funny. So I was trying to convince JP how much fun it was last year. And I go I only had one anxiety attack last year, early through once it was awesome. And that is a huge measure of success, because at a dinner Seth they'll have three or four any given dinner. He will be outside the restaurants circling vomiting. So to only have one S one vomiting session to tell you how much fun this event was really was. And it was a lot of work to have that much fun. So I would say abroad to me abroad is like it's like Marisa Tomei me to Debbie Masar. Yeah. I don't know who the second lady, you mentioned his, but Marisa Tomei like that, like a New Jersey Brown brunette like Rosie Perez. A Rosie Perez would be brought. Odd. But that voice that says, Boehner killing voice, right there. I just think about her in do the right thing. And I think about her in white guys, white men can't jump and man, was she ever gray mercy as jeopardy wonderful. She was really good in that movie or IP, James holes, our whatever his name was. I've got a an exact definition of broad to kind of tighten things up for us a little bit. It's a word for a woman less respectable than a lady, but more respectable than a bitch. That'll do that'll definitely do we should probably get some parameters for JP a find out exactly what he likes come last. He's busy in two shows. We'll take care of all the accommodations for it. Right. It's just nice that he wants to be involved with apple a day prom. And we want to do what we can do to make the evening fund for them. I would like to my I would like to see JP smile by the end of the evening. My goal, I want I want to exchange, knowing look, JP and have him, look at me and have me go. Wow. He just made me feel like it was worth his time to come down here for this. I want him to say us guys are crazy by the end of the night. Yeah. I want him to go back and have such a great time that he and Roger talking about it on a I can't believe I had such a good time with those loses all those guys were gay. But they're the fun gay guys, right? Yeah. There's still gay rights, but the fun gay, like festive gay, you know, gays the gay. So, so we really wanna find abroad. What he you say, less respectable than a lady, but Morris spectacle than a bitch. Yep. Yep. I'm also opening it to being dude. I mean, even know maybe somebody can talk giants with. I don't get down like that. So what exactly is this broad gonna be like a date? Or is this is this just a broad that we kind of give the task of making sure JP's comfortable? She is his attache like so pretty much if he needs a drill. Yes. Yes. A light of his smoke, even if he doesn't smoke she's there for it. She should smoke broad smoke. Yeah. For sure. Type dress hairspray all over the place. My painting good enough picture, envisioning things you think we could get some broad trolling for broads? Oh, yeah. Seventy seven five seven nine one zero two five to grab a live? Who are you? Hey, what's up? Got an idea for a day for JP. I think we came up with a pretty good idea. I don't know you, but I think their ideas choice of woman, and as much as I can't stand to say, I think you've just pretty much described crazy, Patty. Like I say your ideas, we don't know about her ability to serve JP when he needs something, I think every she falls into all the other categories, not to bring be they're not to bring this up. We have not heard from her since she got her tickets supposedly for MIGS. I know it's been so nice. Are we to believe that she'll be there? I don't know. I, I didn't believe it when it happened just told mix. Yeah, whatever you need. But I, I don't didn't buy a ticket. He didn't buy tickets. He has not bought a ticket for her. Okay. So then as far as we know she's currently not coming to prom which is what everybody wants. I don't think that's happening. All right. Seventy seven five seven nine hundred to five one hundred percent. Okay with that. And you know, we're not going to ban anybody. If you have a ticket, you can come to the damn prompt. Yeah. And what the bone online dot com slash problem. I think or go to appleaday dot ORG, buy your ticket, and we will, we'll have a hell of a time, seventy five bucks. That's it. And it goes to apple a day where we are able to get ipads, in the hands of kids who have cancer, ten o'clock is a good time for your performance orange Fabio and sh medium, jersey ten o'clock when everybody's loose. All right. Is that cool if you jersey I mean I mean it's not you know, you can give us a time but like. Perform, what we're going to perform. You can give us the time. They're dealing with ludicrous, and big boy, all of a sudden, I don't think so. I tell you the time, and you're there, ten minutes early just saying, you know what I might have an earpiece that night I might be I might be really important at night, and you're gonna show up again. Well tell you to be there. I mean, I'm sure they told Redman and method man, you know, to tie not forty five minutes after their schedule. They tell Wooten hey, you guys are going to take the stage at eleven thirty one thirty shows up. You think anybody from Glenn? Is there? No, no. Kill a priest fight. You guys are hanging out VIP normal to drop the crazy Patty bomb up there. Everybody's gonna scurry and scatter, then you'll be down there for your performance. No, no. We'll be. Yeah. We'll we'll we'll perform. Yeah. I mean you can't stifle may can't rush our guys microphones. I'm helping you at the art now, you're, you're holding out on me. We'll we'll, we'll see what the micro, but we gotta get in there and.

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