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It is 78 said. Orlando Severe weather station We've been dealing with this red alert pretty much all morning. Long, safe touch security, triple teen traffic. Let's go live to air one in Osceola County years, Eric Brown, and there's a good chance will be dealing with it for the rest of the morning. This is on the turnpike, North and South found just out of two semi park Road. A. You have a semi tractor trailer incident with a fire. Putting that out right now, But they've got to get all this mess and the fuel spill cleaned up. They are backing traffic off of the south beyond finally, but they haven't done anything with the North found traffic. So if you're in this, unfortunately, you're gonna get stuck. If you're not avoid the term blank, and you can use 4, 41 and 95. That's orange. King got on I four westbound top of the brakes at Lake Mary Boulevard than westbound slowdowns from 4 34 to Lee Road. Eastbound delays began approaching 27 to 5 30 to 1 92 to 5 35, then from John Young Parkway into downtown to Colonial drive, still got a little bit of a slowdown on the four weight westbound approaching I four and the top of the breaks out Rosalinda crash there is going to be on the right shoulder. Also wreck on January Parkway Southbound Crystal Creek Boulevard with two right lanes blocked crash on Hughey Avenue, a colonial driving Orange Avenue at Keeley. This traffic report is brought to you by refresh computers Visit the refresh computer superstore in Longwood to get a complete Windows 10 system for just 189 99 at refresh computers. They have what you need at every budget visit, refresh computers dot net. With traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning. We're helping you get to work on time from the Wdbo Triple team Traffic Center. I'm Ed torrents will jump..

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