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If he's out there a Keller Witherspoon and Emanuel mostly why Well, you know, you have no Jimmy Ward. You have no Richard Sherman. Also one of those three guys have in common. They're all scheduled for free agency at the end of the year. So yeah, Witherspoon has not been what the Niners have wanted. Peretz had a real nice bounce back year, mostly. Last year was maybe they're most dependable corner this year. He's had some injury problems. But men all three of those guys if they could finish week, 16 and week 17 fast and put some good film out there, they stand to maybe make some considerable Jack, especially the red. He's gonna get some offers, but corner play. Is, you know, is coveted around around the NFL and Witherspoon's got prototypical size and speed, and he's not old on Moseley's played in the Super Bowl for crying out loud, so Me those three guys. There's a lot on the line for those guys today. Even though the season's gone, the playoffs are gone, But I would not be surprised if you start if you see those three guys flying around making place. Yeah, And if you're smart if you're in the NFL, if you're smart, you understand if even if you're not going into a playoff game, you're still I mean, this is this is your living. This is how you make your living in your resume. Is your film tape? And if so, if you could get the opportunity, no matter what the record is for a team, you have an opportunity for other teams looking at you put some good play on tape. Look, this goes on both sides of the ball as well. CJ better to free agent at the end. This year, he's got to show progress. He's gotta show against a tough defensive front. That's gonna blitz him a lot all day long that he can read it and he can get rid of it. And that's what Kyle, I'm sure was working with him all week long. Look, you've got to read it. You gotta get rid of this football. It wouldn't shock me if we saw Josh rose and not because they want to play him. He's all of one practice CT. Beth gets hit a lot, and I don't care how tough you are. At some point. It's just gonna be too much to take. We've seen him do that, and his career starts. A guy like Jeff Wilson Jr is going to get another extended opportunity without Raheem Mostert some of these receivers today, Brandon I. You can he continued to do what he's doing, but you got some young guys there. George Kittle party played have to play. But again, you just mentioned Rasta. Well, he's got improved from from a blocking standpoint, but I expect Kittle to make the running game in and of himself better. So, look, there's a lot of guys is Danny. Just Dennis is set on this on this roster right now. If they're making decisions on, so this may be a meaningless game in terms of getting to the playoffs, But not in terms of some of these guys in this roster if they want to stay here, well, the 9% of fast start I agree wholeheartedly with Tim. There's all kinds of concerns. As far as how this game could go. This game could get away from the 40 Niners. Arizona's got a lot to play for here on day 40. Niners have less to play for so AH, Fast start would make this a much more enjoyable afternoon. It's probably mandatory if they want any chance at all of hanging in the second half that they get off to a relatively quick start. And John you hit on something I think is really interesting. You know better is problem has been that he holds it, but he definitely has the requisite arm strength. And now you've got a receiver who can get deep and a quarterback who can get the ball deep. And yet, I would imagine that the place are gonna be a lot of underneath and get rid of it quickly, But the least the threat of the deep ball might be their in this game, and that may open up the run game for Jeff Wilson. Oh, no doubt. And look, I want to see a lot of Jeff Wilson today because let's be honest to start with this. I haven't been impressed with CJ. Beth and I hope he plays well today, but he is not shown the ability to read it and get rid of it. And Arizona's not going to give you time and Tim talked about it. We talked about a 14 sacks and two games. But it's not just 14 sacks. They don't do it with a straight from they at least blitz. Five Buddha Baker's gonna be coming off the edge. They know the film. They know that he hangs on to the ball and doesn't see it. They're going to speed up his clock. Pretty much on every pass play that the 40 Niners run today, and he's gonna have tea. Let teams know Or see that look. I've improved because from what I've seen from day one to now, he has not improved in in terms of seeing it and getting rid of the football and he's gonna and we've said he's gotta. He's gotta see these got to read it fast. He's gonna get a lot of things thrown at him today. Andre Cardinals know what they have in a C. J. Beth, and he's going to try it. He's gonna hold the ball too long. So it's gonna be a lot of blitzes. Lot of corner blitzes we talked about You know, you know the blitzes, the different styles of defense's. They're gonna line up to cat again to his head a little bit, So you know, it's it's gonna be a tough game, And if that offensive line can hold up this game could get out of hand real quick. Going to take a coordinated effort rushing in defending Cuyler Murray be interesting to see if Robert saw lobster blitz him because he's short handed defensively, and he may not want long drives. You know, Cardinals in that first game really did a nice job of Possessing the football and long drives, and I think they had quite a few more plays in the 40 Niners and weak one, and that's something that they don't want to see. Repeated today, especially with, you know, down three more key guys on your defensive front. S so how do they blend in you? Do they blitz? Skylar Murray. How did they blitz him and how you know, then can in the great green laws of the world make plays on this incredibly athletic quarterback. And then for the minor officer line, you know, can you get blocked? Can you get Zack Allan and Hasan Riddick blocked Zach and unless we give the Eagles all 11, Dak ALS in a sack, it's got a great motor third round pick out of Boston College, and Reddick is clearly You know, rebounded from a slow start to his career. He is playing really, really good football. All right, that does it for us. Guys will talk to in the postgame All right. Sounds good. And thanks to everybody today, thanks to met me. Yoko and John Lynch and Tim Ryan and Matt Leland and Tim Webb. And we're gonna throw it to Santa Clara were great pop on Tim Ryan. They're gonna carry the final hour. The Niners and the Cardinals, the Niners for five and nine. The Cardinals are going for the playoffs there, eight and six. It's all coming up next on the sports leader, Sports leader It's your apartment speaking and I need some favors. When you're singing in.

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