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Wildcats Wildcats come in twelve and four three zero in conference once again, this is a very good Arizona deemed Todd, but they don't have a dominant player like they've had in your tasks. Well, they certainly don't have a dominant player in the dominant big and they've always had the Andre eight and last year before that was part zoo skin, rich, just dominated paint. They beat you up and played early physical style of play. Now, they're still physical athletics. But they don't have the rim protection that they've had passed. They're not a typical Arizona rebounding team, basically, even for the year on the boards. That's good news for the bears, and they have struggled shooting the basketball the shooting thirty three percent from the and as a team a shooting only forty five percent. So without the bigs. Now, you gotta go diff-. Different direction when you have big guys in their scoring around the rim and shoot a sixty percent. A team you're gonna shoot close to fifty or better why they don't have that this year and so a much different booking Arizona team that we've seen in years past. And what's the coaches line? Big never gets tired. Big is big from tip to whistle. That's so you know, you look at some of those pieces of what they are. They have won five in a row, but you know, what some of those games have been a little bit closer than you would give imagine I think, you know, artif- our joke between us in a little bit of a surprise that UC Davis game at home where they just squeaked that one out. Now, they're on a little bit of a run. But the games have been tied to their credit. They figured out a way to win those. But, you know, not not the dominant piece that we've seen in years past no man, because you know, in large part because they're recruiting got disrupted by what happened with.

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