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And the latest news affecting world markets powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in over a hundred twenty countries fitness he's bloomberg radio now a global news update a change gene taxes massacre lawsuit i'm rich johnson president is predicting the senate will pass the republican tax plan and he says democrats are all talk and no action president trump spoke moments ago at a white house on a day that saw big gop opponent of his party's own plan change his mind correspondent phil manningly says wisconsin's ron johnson won a promise that his concerns will be addressed later what's senator johnson wanted in terms of what he wants to have addressed is related to the tax rate four past the rent essentially business since these that pass through their income into the individual side in pay the code pay taxes through vat right now the house and senate bill have significant cuts in that centre johnson be expanded the problem that's very expensive the bigger problem senate republicans don't have the money to pay forward and need to keep an eye on the deficit hawks who don't want more money added to this and after all that the plan past the senate budget committee on the street party vote if flew about six hundred miles of splashed down in the sea of japan but north korea's latest missile test is provoking outrage and calls for more punishment offering no details president trump said we will take care of it the family that lost nine members in these sutherland springs texas church massacre has filed a claim against the us government the holcomb family says the airports force's spilled your record the shooters information into a database allow us to buy the weapons used in the massacre that left twenty six people dead at the air force had should have boarded the charges but didn't corresponded clayton neville yes we spent a ton of money on black friday and cyber monday but one retail group says those of us who did a little of both outspent those who just went to the mall or who just shopped online as for yesterday was the biggest day ever six and a half billion dollars spent the tax reform progress good news for wall street the dow is up two hundred fifty four points i'm richard johnson i'm paul george of the indiana here's more from our to and wells fargo advisers on the value of.

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