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Overdo it okay. Well it's just a suggestion. Artistic creativity you know so so the four hundred you know. Nobody says anything about that. Two less. listen to a couple of sentences here. Oh he did sentences. Yeah he actually. This was kind of confused. He corrected himself. So i'm not gonna give him too much grief on this one. The last one i had is the second to the last. This is the biden. Three kids clip for typical middle class. Family of four husband wife working making one hundred thousand dollars year total with three kids. They'll get fifty six hundred dollars with two kids. We get fifty six hundred dollars out the way soon. Got five or four two but it helps coming. he's he. He starts off a family of four with three kids. That's what he said it again for typical middle class family of four husband and wife working making one hundred thousand dollars year total with three kids. That's five. That's not a family of five joe. He'll get fifty six hundred dollars with two kids. Just fifty six hundred dollars rental beyond the way soon louis soon but he always corrects it down the road which is interesting. This gotta be some mechanism either brain. Which is the most likely rain that in his brain it. Yeah we sadly we just had that again with the actress who Hilary swank. i'm not gonna forget now so there is still no. There is just age stuff going ruins the bit if you remember her name. That's right man. it's a bit yeah sure. Yeah good set again. This is the one that just. This is the real ira. I just got a big kick out of this This is the w. t. f. clip. The vast majority of economist left right and center from wall street to the private private economic on initiatives. Do that was the doozy of all. Doozy's i'd say ben dover you deserve this one while he couldn't even say private equity said polling initiatives. Is this repeat. Repeat vast majority of economists left right and center from wall street wall street to the private you when he says from wall street to me the next sentence would be to shining seat. I mean that's almost what it sounds. Vast majority of economists left right and center from wall street to shining seed private private private economic economic only initiatives. The private economic polling initiatives the peppy s some sort of economists the private economic polling initials for before. We laugh at the old man. Let's just look out. We could be dumb. Privates polling wait polling. Private was it private economic economic economic economic polling initiative. Was we need to understand what the president's saying that mainstream media is not helping us private private Economic poli initiatives okay. Private economic polling initiative initiated. It's probably a thing. We're probably just idiots but i don't think so Business and economics polling initiative that's Florida atlantic university. That doesn't seem very no this No no the only thing that pops up is the is the transcript of the president's. It's a number one. Hit is remarked. President biden on senate passage. Wow he made something up completely. We should just. We should just start that organization. Yes we're endorsed by president. What would it do what. I like to charge money to actually run as a right way to write newsletters. Come on john. You know how we do this. We give us not a bad idea because we can do polling. We'll be biden's already bite his already. Gay give blessed us. Private economic polling initiatives. Yes hi madame curry. I'm a co founder of the private economic polling initiatives and we've done a poll and We do that in In a very sophisticated manner and what we called the rome we have a special system trial room and just ask are what they want. This is good man. This is good kamla on-deck she's on deck she's dressed like ninjas more than a terrorist to just be there all of a sudden she's already taken call she's calling bb babies camera. 'cause joe was not available h. k. k. Do you think that's what it is. Hey you gotta be a beep is. I'd okay h. So so biden doesn't do the press conference yet so it's still not done one but Sakis there she's doing it and she gets a little little little miffed about this particular one. This question comes out of the blue. This jen psaki on immigration and trump are saying that you know the surges are happening under president by ends watch after he reversed them biggest policies. So does the administration take any ability for what's happening. Who are the americans on our answer to him. But before president just i'm released a statement saying that the administration was immediately. She and the worst nightmare unleashed untarnished. President trump yes. We don't take our advice or counsel from former president trump on immigration policy. Which was not only inhumane but ineffective over the last four years. We're gonna start our own path forward and that includes treating children with humanity and respect and ensuring their safe on that cross our borders children's seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty one year old man children. She's got two more sake. Once you love we love hearing about you. Here's sakis whoops mix up it's addressing the threat of climate whether it is Economic partnership and relationships and We'll continue to do that. We also have conversations about access to cova access to vaccines and one one. Nice hold on a second. I gotta relabel this one so this is all they know that. It's part of the of the mega mix you know what your labels were used it Covid gaffe that covert gap. It's literally that simple and then there's another one which is became a different story which i did some research on Kiss interesting to me. This is about the this is. The question was asked about the this. This is the most recent press conference by the way this was asked about the microsoft breach. Big jane server Yeah there was a big deal. Something happened thirty thousand exchange servers at least minimum according to.

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