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Shootings out of control. Schumer nowhere to be found Nadler. No, it's happening, right news District. He's nowhere to be found. These are the most useless bureaucrats throw them all out. Assumes you can in AOC for all her yelling and screaming, totally useless in a crisis. Hey, When we come back, Ed Rollins will be with us. He ran the 80 for Reagan campaign. They want 49 states, including New York. Could Donald Trump do that? We'll get to that In a moment on 7 10 W O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett. Okay. Mark. Mayor De Blasio says there isn't just one cause for the increase in shootings in the city. He says the closure of the court system is one the economic problems and people have just been pent up for months and that is leading to new violence. He has promised in all hands on deck approach to fix it. After a weekend. It's our nine people killed and dozens injured in shootings, indoor dining still not allowed in the city, but the city is moving ahead with the rest of face. Three. Today. That means the re opening of nail salons and tattoo parlors, plus outdoor activities like basketball and tennis are now allowed. Rutger says most of its classes this fall will be conducted online. The college says there will only be limited of number of in person classes in the fall. President Trump blasting NASCAR driver bubble Wallace asking appease apologized for what he called the hoax. Wallace claimed that noose was found in his garage, but authorities say it was actually just a garage door poll. The next update at noon breaking news at one start today with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning 6 to 10 tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on.

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