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Seventeen games. Yes don't forget about that so here a number and you go man. That's high last because they're seventeen games and by the way i think the nfl is coming out in two weeks. Okay i think. I want to see like the mild a the twelfth thirteenth. They make a bigger deal at schedule released than it needs to be like. I understand the big deal about the draft. I even understood the big deal about the combine when they would do that because that was of the draft. The schedule release that to me. He's never a big deal. I mean one or two games. That are interesting. Wednesday may twelfth okay. When the when the schedule released comes out all right. So this is post draft season over under totals over on. This ovando totals about the giants. I remember seventeen game. Seventeen regular season games. Where are the giants. What is that number seven and a half it. Seven over seven which is minus one twenty. Five seven number might end up going up. Okay that to me. I'm sorry seven ten season. While i'm i'm way bullish on your the giant giant over seven. I love that right now. Okay that's got to change. I think at least update eight and a half. What about the jets over a six six and a half six and a half who think the team with the worst win total in us dollars there. You go three and a half three and a half men's and it's hard to think this just one game but can imagine one in sixteen season. Fourteen own seventy could go seventeen depending on. What's going on with the shawn watson. Well the jets still not getting much respect as are ranked third worst when it comes to season over under actually tied so there's a bunch of teams at six and a half the eagles the bengals jaguars the jets all at six and a half and the lines are five. And the texans are three and a half and the team with the most team with the most would be the tampa bay buccaneer and second most eleven city chiefs. twelve where the green bay packers rodgers. They they are right now off the board they are. They are off the board right now. I cannot find the packers because they are off the board. Yep where are can. I ask you a couple other questions. Sure please boomer please. Where the dallas cowboys the dallas cowboys jack prescott back under centers. He stays healthy. Comes back on one hundred percent thing. They went after defense in the draft. Once you guess where the cowboys say they are at eight and a half nine and a half nine and a half okay. Nine and a half all right. So where are these san francisco forty niners. Okay you want take guest a. I'm gonna say nine and a half there as well ten and a half sheet ten and a hat. What jimmy garoppolo starting. Yeah ten and a half. so let's see. Another interesting team would be patriots. The patriots are going to be. Wow wow they spent so much money in free agency my god. They rebuilt their entire defensive line. Nine and a half nine knowing. No no no no. No you know anything about this. Texas am quarterback that the vikings drafted kellen monde. He's like one of these big strong athlete types. That is ross. Yeah what did you did you hear. Rg three just roast kirk cousins. Did you hear this. i did not hear it. I'll play it for you in the break if i could find it but. Rg three has no no right to roast kirk coast. This is what. I thought you were going to say about now. I laughed because you know my take on cousins. But i knew you would hate that. I knew you would hate that. All draft in the same draft that he was drafted after. Rg through johnson. Taking this job. Rg three sucked. I know that. But he's like man kirk cousins been cashing checks there for a long time to put up mediocre seasons. I was like. Let's go archie three. Yeah okay who. I was into it. He's like a kellyn mon- does all the things that kirk cousins can't do sell. That's of course he feels. I like kelly on is a big strong athlete. Who's like a rocket. Yeah you know. Even more raw than josh allen was when he came in obviously Yeah i gotta play this for you. When i when i find it interesting. Hey hey but one thing. I will say is i think he's got a future this. Rg three he wants to do. More media stuff because he had a strong opinion about it came from a place of knowledge. Now he's obviously holding a grudge. There's nobody weighs about that package. In a way that was i mean he wasn't on an on or any of that stuff. Just went right into it and mean. Good pass quality in poughkeepsie ups. Qualley yeah what is up. I love you guys. Hey man we love you got this morning. listen. I'm driving down to work. I'm driving south of sixty four. And guess what. I see on the side of the road. Don't tell me another bone a big forty foot boat unbelievable higher on one tires like you know it was like it's gonna fall down on the side of the road. Yeah i just don't understand how you don't go and get that boat right away. I just this. This was my point with the one on the way that was there for three days so the question is how long does that bokan remain there. Will you take the same dr tomorrow morning. Squall own think of you. you know what. Let me tell you that yeah. That's a good one too. I just countywide zapping their side of the road. Maybe we were taking it off to a lake or something or bringing it down. Who knows quality but i just as i said with the one on the. If you got your boat on a trailer you're blowing a tire on a pothole. The rest of my life is dedicated to get off the matter. What i needed to do weekend not weekend calling everybody. I know. i'm not just leave it there for another day right. This isn't like a hat blown off while you're on a boat into the water. You like leave at this boat in the middle of a major thoroughfare right. Go ahead and get it. Can't have it stop being so sloppy dave. I keep them florida. Keith brother doing. I'm doing great. How are you doing ranger fan. Former season ticket holders You were saying earlier in greeley really killed the season on us. Yeah he did. What's so what's that like at home though. Now it's not good. That's not good so can you. Can you tell us more about kidnapping kidnapping the baby. I'd maybe maybe i you know. Hold that against them. Yeah we definitely. I was over when we decided back before we research. We told him not to tell them not to. That was two years ago when brendan shanahan. Actually called me. So we'll try to wherever he wants to go. He's been such a great guy up here in toronto. We own that and you know there was never really thought. I can't speak for matt. There was never really a thought. I don't think that matt would go play for the rangers even though it's original sixteen and forgotten like him. That's you know they appreciate stuff like that. Yeah and I was just like the team wasn't ready for guy matt martin two years ago now maybe next year. That's a different story. You know it'd be nice to have somebody that can actually hit back you know and get involved but but they can let them go well. They definitely need that type of presence. There's no doubt.

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