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For saving the kingdom. And that's also fuel for Tyrians feelings towards his family. He's been doing good things right for his family for. That's god. I can't think of his name. It's. Oh, it's. I one is it David benef-. No, no. No. No. No. It's it's Tyrian. It's oh, I thought it was a crater and what is his name. I was just tears gigolo. That's actually, Peter Dinka. Okay. Peter Dink Cam club. That was the creator or some three just. Nobody would get if I played off. I'm not I'm not gonna guess I I David this is terrible forms by both of us. So cool when we went to we went to see the game of thrones concert, by the way, which is coming through again in that right before the new season starts Beatles. Like re- watching the whole series sitting right behind us was David off soco who's the creator of game of thrones. And who's married to somebody being manned Pete? Yes. Number pete. But I'll go on that him by look pretty sure that's correct fake news. Or could be good story. Could totally be true. All right. And the last one it's one to one you guys bringing you down, Greg. I know it is Amanda Pete, by the way is it is okay. Last one is worth two and a half. Here we go. Listen, we we found a bunch of ways to win during the season. You know, every game kind of stood alone. But many of them came to know. So we we found a bunch of ways to win during the season. Your every game kind of stood alone. But many of them came down to third quarter. Fourth-quarter second-half type comebacks where then it took everybody in it took maybe a big play on defense or a big player on offense or a big play on special teams to kind of tied. And but they're all great team. I drew Brees. That is absolutely correct. Let's go. Good chance of it being drew Brees. Once I said Jared Goff. Well, yeah. It wasn't Goff. It wasn't free Radi. Three and a half to one. That is a. Like a four year old though, it is a lot like that. It's not that big of. Let's just say there was a poor performance by both of us. It was terrible winning. I went to cast my normal. Yeah. Yeah. There's. There's. One right Bobo. I will try to make them not suck next time. I got from Jay go for that, very helpful. I combed back next. I've got let's see let's do the the most recent reporting we have on LeBron James injuries. Plus last night was a I call that a must-win did win. We'll talk about the Lakers victory last night moment. What he got ZipRecruiter knew there was a smarter way. So they built a platform that finds the right job candidates for you. Ziprecruiter learned what you're looking for dentist. The people with the right experience and invites them to apply.

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