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I mean like, but he's able to pull it off. You know? So on the one end like I wouldn't hate you guys. I'd go. Hey, listen. I sent us a kid, for example, this is you an adult. That's never that's non athletic and never box. And. Yeah. Hands tied behind the head or whatever. And I'd be like, you know, can I get one of those? I can get a free five thousand dollar pay day or an easy five thousand dollar payday. I would not stop you guys from getting it. I'd just be jealous. I guess it's what I have is Joseph Lloyd can pull this off. Your mike. Oh, well, now say, I mean, it just. I don't blame him because. Yeah, he's pulling it off. It's a little bit of a circus show. But this day and age cares. But I mean how much crazier can things get for this guy. I really don't know next time. He's gonna fight a guy that he's not actually a boxer wearing boxers. I mean what what else can you possibly do? The listeners will say, well, why do you cover it because we have well at the bottom line is because it clicks people wanna read about it. And unfortunately, they wanna read about it slightly more than. Somebody on the prelims. Who's gonna win that fight for whatever reason people wanna read that war? And so we allocate a writer to cover the the press conference and just keep an eye on it and anything that the moves. I mean, it's because when I say the listeners will ask let's say the ten one hundred whatever you are that don't give a shit. There's ten times as many of you that do that's what I'm trying to say. I don't wanna make it sound like. Oh, yeah. Cheap clicks. But it is. It's basically a business decision story because I want to at least know what's going on. What's happening? I may not watch the fight. But I wanna know what's going on our guest today, by the way, it will be Antonina shift shaneco. We might have one other guests. I had a real good initial contact with the other one I thought it was a slam dunk. So I took my foot off the gas like an idiot, but all week we've had three or four guests thought. We'd be okay with. But right now, we got her locked in. She's in the second hour, we have plenty of time before we get to her eight six six five two two two eight four six is the number to call. And if you wanna participate with any of the discussion, we're having here regarding tension versus Floyd Mayweather. The boxing exhibition matches on in Japan. Also looks like the way end results went well, with the exception of Cinta Calvia, we kinda covered that it's on the front page of e junkie..

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